• RECYFIX®MONOTEC - New product development

    Monolithic drainage system with high retention volume.

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    RECYFIX®MONOTEC - New product development
  • RECYFIX®MONOTEC - robust and unbreakable

    The monolithic channel withstands hardest loading tests.

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    RECYFIX®MONOTEC - robust and unbreakable
  • Installation movies of RECYFIX®MONOTEC

    Our step by step movies shows how easy the system can be installed.

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    Installation movies of RECYFIX®MONOTEC
  • NEW company brochure

    Read through the interesting chapters motivation, passion, ingenuity and vision...

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    NEW company brochure
  • Why is RECYFIX material that break-proof?

    See here why RECYFIX material is that break-proof and why the characteristics of thermoplastic is fits perfect for drainage channels.

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    Why is RECYFIX material that break-proof?
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Highly stable drainage channels for highest demands.

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Versatile drainage range for all requirements of gardening and landscaping.

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Intelligent solutions for water treatment and seepage.

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The comprehensive range for all sports facilities.

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Drainage with HAURATON

For almost 60 years we are internationally successful as a specialist in surface drainage. With our extensive range of linear drainage and point drainage, rainwater treatment and infiltration, we are a reliable partner in the construction industry. Individual solutions, such as the tailor-made slotted channels are our strength.


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