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High capacity slot drainage system for areas subject to extreme loads & dynamic forces.

Your benefits with RECYFIX HICAP F

The RECYFIX HICAP systems have the ability to cope with extreme loads and dynamic forces up to an F 900 loading class. Manufactured from impact-resistant modified polypropylene and fitted with a robust spheroidal ductile iron slotted top, the high capacity slot drainage systems are ideal for industrial and commercial environments.

Due to their hydraulic performance and capacity for retention, the channels can drain large volumes of surface water from extensive areas without overloading sewer networks. The RECYFIX HICAP 10000, for example, can retain 443 litres per metre.

  • Time and cost-effective installation: fewer trash boxes and pipe connections required
  • Lightweight channels: easy handling and installation (no heavy lifting equipment or installation aids)
  • High level of resistance to frost, de-icing salts, UV radiation
  • Narrow uniform design with a range of KTL-coated ductile iron slotted tops
  • Simple and precise channel alignment with integrated tongue and groove joint
  • Sustainable material: channel manufactured from recycled composite and is recyclable after use
  • Adapted to individual project requirements e.g. channel run without slotted top
  • Option for larger-sized channels for more retention

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Modular design – high hydraulic capacity

The RECYFIX HICAP F channels allow longer channel runs to be designed/installed due to the high hydraulic capacity. As several system sizes are available (1000 to 10000), they can be installed as a level invert system or a stepped-fall configuration. This allows surface water to drain even faster, even when the system is installed on level ground (0% surface slope). A trash box can be installed at any point of the channel run for connection to the sewer system or other drainage networks.  

References with RECYFIX HICAP F

The drainage and retention system RECYFIX HICAP F has been installed within many projects that required a robust and large hydraulic capacity drainage solution.   


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