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New drainage system in the stadium at the University of Louisiana at Monroe

First reference in the US ... with a great story behind it! In March 2017 HAURATON invited various guests for a SPORT meeting in Rastatt. One guest, Juan-Carlos Sanchez, not only came by himself (as it was planned), he also brought his brother Roberto who is working for T3 Global Projects, a specialist for sports construction. Fortunately, the hotel had a spare room for him as well because a great story continued ...

After the event, HAURATON offered various SPORTFIX products to Roberto for a current project in the US. Thanks to the technical support of Dirk Neumaier, Technical Support Export, the first order in the company's history was successfully placed in America, the "University of Louisiana Stadium". 


For the stadium, SPORTFIX Super Slotted channels and SPORTFIX softkerbs were installed to drain the running track and sports field safely. Additionally, the customer decided to use SPORTFIX sand traps in order to prevent athletes from spreading sand onto the running track. 

Challenges mastered for the order 

Ramona Kyre, Sales Support Export, worked intensively with the export regulations for the US (obtaining expert knowledge from the Chamber of Industry / Commerce and Customs Partner). In close coordination with logistics, especially regarding packaging regulations, the order was handled very well.

Challenges mastered for the installation 

As it was the American company's first time installing HAURATON products, Dirk Neumaier from team TSE (Technical Support Export)presented the drainage channels made of PP to the customer on-site. The products had to withstand temperatures of up to 38°C and humidity beyond 90%. These weather conditions were good for the hardening of the concrete, but not for the installation and processing itself. The team on-site had to work quickly and precisely as the concrete hardened very rapidly. The next day they started to install at 5 a.m. with tolerable temperatures. 

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