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Recyfix range of channels

RECYFIX: composite drainage channels

RECYFIX channels stand the test of time. The material is durable, lightweight, resistant and sustainable.

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RECYFIX produzione

What is RECYFIX?

Developed in 1995, RECYFIX caused a real excitement within the industry as HAURATON were only known for their systems made of fibre concrete.

Manufactured from high-quality composite polypropylene, the RECYFIX channels provide reliable performance through optimum durability, resistance and stability.

The systems offer total design flexibility, as they can be used in a variety of applications, from light foot traffic right up to extreme load situations such as container terminals. They come in a variety of different widths, heights and are compatible with numerous gratings HAURATON offer to suit any project requirement.

What are the special features of RECYFIX?

RECYFIX materiale componenti

The raw material for RECYFIX channels comes from recycled goods used in everyday life, such as packaging, freezer bags and disposable plastic bottles, thus conserving valuable resources such as crude oil and reducing waste mountains to protect the environment. RECYFIX channels are also PVC-free and can be fully recycled following lifetime use.


Environmental credentials

The use of recycled composites in the production of RECYFIX linear drainage systems has achieved the prestigious Blue Angel eco-label, a recognised award in Germany for resource-saving use of materials. Products carrying the Blue Angel label are certified as being environmentally friendly and reliably considered to help reduce pollution.

Resistenza ai sali antighiaccio RECYFIX

Capable of coping with different environmental influences, the polypropylene drainage channel retains its appearance even when different environmental influences are present (e.g. frost, de-icing salts, UV light and chemicals). They are 100% corrosion-free and can provide permanent reliable surface drainage.

Low weight

All channels can easily be manoeuvred, transported and installed without any heavy lifting machinery. They comply with single-man-lift which makes for efficient and cost-effective handling on-site.


RECYFIX has exceptional strength and durability as it can withstand dynamic forces and high traffic loads up to an F 900 load class.

Your benefits with RECYFIX channels

High-quality material
Visuale di RECYFIX da vicino
Environmentally friendly – channel body produced from recycled composites, polyethylene/polypropylene (PE-PP); 100% recyclable
Water resistant (0% absorption)
Superior resistance – retains its shape when compressed
2% carbon black added for UV stability (DIN 19580/ EN 1433: 2002)
Corrosion-free and no risk of oxidation
Prestazioni garantite
Qualità garantita
Risparmio di soldi
Easy installation
Installazione facile e veloce di RECYFIX in loco
High-strength and low-weight properties; easy handling on-site and no heavy lifting equipment required
Channels can be worked easily on-site (cut, drilled etc)
Low weight and impact resistant units ensure quick, easy and cost-effective transport, handling and installation
Pre-assembled units; quick and simple installation
Compliance with health & safety regulations on-site (single-man-lift)
Risparmio di tempo
High resistance
RECYFIX sulla neve - altamente resistente
High-level of resistance to chemicals, fuels/oils, frost, de-icing salts, corrosives and UV radiation
Temperature stable; climate operating temperatures from -30°C to +80°C  and beyond
Safe and reliable system for pedestrians and vehicles
Qualità garantita
Application diversity
RECYFIX utilizzato negli spazi pubblici e negli sport motoristici
Numerous gratings and designs available in different materials such as; ductile iron, composite, galvanised or stainless steel, including the award-winning FIBRETEC design
Narrow slot width available for pedestrian areas
High-capacity channel systems available
A 15 – F 900 loading class according to DIN EN 1433
Available in 6 different nominal diameters from 100mm to 400mm
Design flessibile

RECYFIX products


HAURATON specialists are happy to advise you on the correct selection of RECYFIX products for your project. They can also assist with value engineering, hydraulic sizing and design, through to installation support on-site. Get in touch for specialist advice and support.

RECYFIX projects


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