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Drainage with Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows all disciplines of a construction project to access a common database. In this way, the BIM model helps to reduce the degree of complexity and facilitate the exchange of technical drawings, building information and detailed photographs.

In order to provide you with the best possible support in all project phases, we make our entire product range, including special solutions, available to you as BIM data in the highest quality. The data can be used for the entire life cycle. Individual project consulting by our BIM experts increases planning accuracy as well as time and cost security throughout your project.

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Placeholder of the drainage channel for the installation and maintenance area at a railway station

Benefits of using BIM for your drainage project

Individual project consulting and support

Our BIM data is directly and individually adapted to your personal project. The BIM working method means that customised designs can be created and immediately integrated into your building project as a visualisation, rendering or simulation as an as-built product.

Combination with hydraulic performance calculations

To increase the planning reliability for your project, our products are hydraulically dimensioned in advance. By automatically generating the volume flow in the BIM software, you can see exactly how many l/s ha flow through your channel run. This data is then used for the dimensioning of an infiltration element, a channel, etc.

Increasing planning and operational reliability

Our BIM data contains all the necessary manufacturer information as well as useful functions for the products (e.g. information on installation and maintenance) for the entire life cycle. This enables you to plan projects precisely with consistent and verifiable data.

Increasing cost and schedule security

Our BIM data is quickly available and maintains all important information for the entire life cycle. Construction part lists and tender texts can also be generated directly. Supplementary management can thus be reduced to a minimum and delivery times can be planned and scheduled precisely.

“You can use BIM data for the entire life cycle and thus optimise your drainage planning. Our BIM data is individually adapted to your project and created with integrated calculation of surface runoff. This increases your planning, cost and schedule reliability enormously.”

Planner & visualisation variants

Our BIM data is available to you as both a planner and visualisation variant.

In our product viewer, you can interact with our RECYFIX NC channel and choose between both variants. The display in the viewer is a simplified representation of the product. The displayed areas can be individually set in the Revit software, as well as shown and hidden.

BIM planner variant

In the planning phase, there is a low demand on the geometric level of detail (LOG) in the product representation. The focus here is on a small file size. This is the only way that many components can be incorporated into a complex BIM model, e.g. a building, and worked with at the same time without significantly reducing system performance.

  • Geometric information (LOG) from 100-300

  • Information on the component (LOI) from 100-500

  • Channel angle, length cuttings and connected drainage area can be set individually

  • Volume flow is displayed and calculated

  • Space for installation, maintenance and excavation taken into account

BIM visualisation variant

Versione di visualizzazione
Primjer BIM modela RECYFIX kanala

In the later planning phases, a high level of geometric detail (LOG) should support product selection. The visualisation variant is an as-built representation that is used to generate renderings and simulations. This means that the level of geometric representation (LOG) is very high, which increases the file size accordingly.

  • Geometric information (LOG) from 100-500

  • Component information (LOI) from 100-500

  • Connected drainage area individually adjustable

  • Volume flow is displayed and calculated

  • Space for installation, maintenance and excavation taken into account

Volume flow for planner and visualisation variant


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