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Point drainage for paved areas: courtyards, walkways and public squares.   

Your benefits with RECYFIX POINT

RECYFIX POINT collects surface water at the lowest point of the catchment area and discharges it reliably into underground networks. Manufactured from 100% recycled composite, the system comes with preformed inlet and outlet connections. The point drainage system is capable of coping with loads up to C 250 and various covers are available according to EN 1433. RECYFIX POINT is stable enough to withstand moderate car traffic.

  • Manufactured from durable and resistant modified polypropylene
  • Covers in ductile iron: star design or longitudinal bars and mesh cover in galvanised steel
  • Lightweight unit for easy transportation, handling and installation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: removable mud buckets prevent blockages
  • Various connection options to any type of pipework 
  • Withstands a range of temperature differences and UV radiation

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preformed inlets and outlets


System components

Sustainable material

Manufactured from 100% recycled material, RECYFIX products carry the Blue Angel environmental label, a recognised award in Germany for resource-saving use of materials. The trench drains are PVC-free and are fully recyclable following lifetime use.


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