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Airport Drainage

Asia’s rapid growth in the commercial aviation sector over the past decades has positioned the region as the largest and fastest growing in the world. In addition to this fast expansion, airport operators face rising sea levels and stronger storms as a result of climate change. This requires new and existing airports to increasingly invest in measures such as higher runways, sea walls and more effective drainage systems to make airports future-proof.

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Safe heavy duty drainage systems for airports

HAURATON drainage systems have been installed within over 100 airports worldwide. We provide close and comprehensive on-site support to ensure that the airport drainage design, specification and installation is quick, efficient, cost-effective, and meets project requirements.


High-capacity drainage for highest loads


RECYFIX HICAP F slot drain is manufactured from lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant materials. This makes transport, installation and maintenance quick, easy and cost-effective.

  • Strong and stable tested to F 900 (60 tons wheel load and about 180 tons total weight)

  • High intake, storage and drainage capacity for reliable performance and reassurance against surface flooding

  • Smooth, rounded inner surfaces to avoid standing water so reducing the mosquito risk


RECYFIX channels

Strong, durable and aesthetic

RECYFIX trenches

The RECYFIX product range is particularly suitable for landside drainage. The modular drainage channels provide an all-in-one solution consisting of a corrosion-resistant channel body with a fixed cover. The lightweight units ensure quick, easy and cost-effective transport and installation. This results in a significant cost saving on installation compared with traditional methods used to form trench drains.

RECYFIX channels can be used in the following landside locations on airports:

  • Terminals

  • Public spaces

  • Access roads

  • Car and coach parks

  • Gas stations

More about the advantages of RECYFIX systems

The importance of high-quality airport drainage systems

Airports are divided into airside and landside components. Airside locations include areas within the airport perimeter beyond security and passport control, where activities associated with aircraft occur. These include, for example, aprons, taxiways, runways and hangars as well as other facilities. Landside areas are accessible to the public, such as landside terminals, access roads and parking areas.

Летище Верона Италия

The drainage systems need to quickly and efficiently remove surface water to avoid flooding within each application area. In addition, the drainage system must meet the highest safety requirements. To prevent accidents and injuries, no metal parts should come loose from the trench drain or the rain gutter to avoid Foreign Object Debris (F.O.D.) in airside areas.

Airport drainage project

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Airport drainage requirements

Especially airside areas are subject to continuous traffic by ultra-heavy-duty wheel loads and extreme dynamic forces. This is the result of mechanical forces imposed by aircraft, operations vehicles and even small wheel baggage trollies braking, turning and moving across the channels at speed.

Airport drainage systems should meet the following challenges:

Safe System Installation

No F.O.D. risk

Hydraulically Efficient

Drain extensive areas even in heavy rainfall

Cost-Effective & Long-Lasting

Product, transport, installation


Plane on the runway at night
  • Proven performance in ultra heavy-duty airside environments

  • Strong, durable and corrosion resistant to aviation fuels and the local environment

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Sustainable and aesthetic design

  • Low maintenenance during the entire life cycle

HAURATON drainage solutions for airports

With our extensive drainage knowledge, experience and proven airport drainage solutions, you can feel reassured that your airport project will be successful. We provide full support regarding your airport project – from hydraulic performance calculations, correct system selection and installation advice on site. Contact our drainage experts!

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