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Hydraulic Design Software

HAURATON’s hydraulic design software provides industry professionals with quick, simple and accurate hydraulic analysis for their construction projects. The user-friendly and free drainage design software allows easy access to trench sizing, project design and product specification from HAURATON’s range of surface drainage systems.

The software is simple to use and only takes three clicks to achieve an accurate hydraulic calculation. Engineers have the flexibility to create their own drainage designs within the software.

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What is DesignSoftware?

Watch the short video to learn more about our web-based DesignSoftware.

Features of the DesignSoftware

User-friendly interface

User-friendly, intuitive interface with quick, clear, simple steps to achieve your final calculation.

Input options for hydraulic calculations

Rainfall intensity options in mm/ha, l/s* and l/s*m².

Improved hydraulic calculation model

Hydraulic calculations based on widely used and internationally recognised  ‘Modified-Manning-Strickler’ formula. Hydraulic discharge provided on a free outflow basis.

Trench drainage systems for all kind of applications

Accommodates HAURATON’s core range of linear drainage systems for total design flexibility (from civils, commercial, landscape and other project types). Includes all trench types and depths that are available.

Project specification

Automatic generation of project documents for specification support including hydraulic analysis, materials list and information datasheets.

Design Guidance

Comprehensive ‘Help’ file and video tutorials to assist with quick and easy use of the DesignSoftware.

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DesignSoftware information

Design reassurance

Our DesignSoftware has been tested extensively and validated by an independent hydraulics consultancy company. Our in-house hydraulic design software has been used successfully by HAURATON technical personnel for over 30 years with total reliability.


Registered users (password protected) have access to safe and secure server storage with regards to their final designs. These will remain strictly confidential unless users tick ‘share with HAURATON’. Registered users have the option to export design files for external storage onto their own computers or for sharing with colleagues for further design or discussion. DesignSoftware has been configured to comply fully with GDPR data privacy regulations.

Hydraulic Design – additional drainage systems

If you require additional HAURATON systems for your hydraulic design, which are not included within our DesignSoftware, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Drainage design service

Let us help you

HAURATON drainage design specialists

HAURATON offers a comprehensive design service, which includes in-house hydraulic analysis and drainage designs via our internal design software. The service is free of charge and without obligation. Our approach is to provide value-engineered designs to achieve the most cost-effective drainage solutions.

  • Hydraulic calculations for each channel run

  • Channel configuration drawings

  • Material list

  • Product dimension and system installation drawings

  • Technical datasheets for products and materials 

  • Other technical and support information

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