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Strengthen your rainwater management project with our drainage specialists, internal support team, alongside our supporting documents, useful hydraulic design software, installation videos and much more!

Drainage experts for Asia & Documents

Designated project specialists

By your side every step of the way: from early planning, design phase, take-offs, installation and maintenance advice to project completion.

Downloadable documents

Brochures, planning guides, certificates and explanations of performance: stay informed with our digital documents.

HAURATON Tools & Services

Simplify your planning with the support of our planning documents, hydraulic performance calculations, BIM data and videos.

Hydraulic design software

The functionality of a drainage system depends largely on the hydraulic performance. To help you make a decision on what type of channel drain is most suitable for your project, our hydraulic design software can provide you with an accurate hydraulic analysis from our range of channel systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

With BIM, you can improve the planning, execution and management of building and infrastructure projects. We are happy to support you in all phases of your construction project with customised BIM data.


Helpful installation and processing instructions of our channels, interesting facts about our materials, products and much more!


Our experienced planning team will be happy to help you.

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