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Urban Planning for Smart Cities with Professional Drainage Channels

Smart cities offers a variety of challenges for surface water drainage. New commercial construction projects in Asia, such as shopping centres and supermarkets, are often integrated with office and commercial buildings as well as parking facilities. Due to the complexity and arrangement of these areas, choosing the right drainage system is crucial.

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Safe and aesthetic drainage solutions for smart cities in Asia

Drainage systems for smart cities are heavily frequented by a large number of vehicles and pedestrians every day. The trench drains must therefore be particularly stable and resistant to environmental influences. At the same time, the aesthetics of the system are extremely important so that it can blend in seamlessly with the corresponding surface covering.

Public space drainage systems

With long-established experience and expertise in the field of surface drainage, we are by your side every step of the way. Whether you require a city drainage channel for a shopping centre or drainage for a petrol station, we’ll ensure you have the right drainage solution for your project.

The corrosion-free drainage system for car parks & pedestrian areas
Discreet drainage solution with maximum interception for pedestrian areas
The monolithic drainage system for car parks and public spaces
Complete drainage channel for warehouse yards, factories & petrol stations
Load class according to EN 1433
Load class according to EN 1433
up to C 250
up to D 400
up to D 400
up to E 600
Load frequency
Load frequency
Load dynamics
Load dynamics
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
100 – 300
100 – 200
200 & 300
100 – 400
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Modified polypropylene
Modified polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Composite frame 20 x 20 mm insertion depth

Moulded as an integral part of the channel body

Cover variants
Cover variants

– Longitudinal bar covers
– GUGI design covers
– Mesh covers
– FIBRETEC and METROPOLIS design covers
⇒ Made of ductile iron, PP, galvanised steel, stainless steel

– Slot covers made of galvanised or stainless steel (V2A, V4A)
– Duo slot covers
– Symmetrical & asymmetrical versions

Integrated award-winning FIBRETEC heelsafe design

Ductile iron

Special characteristics
Special characteristics

– Pre-assembled ready for installation
– Low weight, easy to handle and install
– Channel body can be easily machined, cut to size on-site

– Unique connection technology of the slot tops
– Removeable access tray

– Large retention volume despite slim channel design
– Monolithic drainage channel
– Vandalism-proof
– Easy cleaning via the inspection box

– Channel and cover = one component
– Self-centring screw –> automatically finds the correct position
– Polypropylene channel body can be easily machined on site


– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

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Drainage requirements for commercial areas

Shopping centres, supermarkets and office buildings can cover a variety of different application areas from car parks to pedestrian surfaces. Commercial drainage systems have to overcome different challenges when installed within these areas:

Pedestrian zones

Channels in public areas often have not only functional but also aesthetic requirements. By choosing trench drains with appealing colours, decorative details, special materials or slotted channels, the drainage systems can blend discreetly and elegantly into the appropriate surface. Narrow slots and multiple bolt fittings ensure safety and protect against injuries and vandalism.

Parking areas

Car park drainage at Fukuoka Toyota store

There are a number of requirements for the drainage of car parks. Heavy or frequent traffic with high loads, dynamic forces, corrosive materials and installation depth limitations are just some of the factors that need to be considered:

  • Car park drainage channels must be stable and robust to withstand a variety of loads and forces

  • A safe environment for pedestrians requires systems with non-slip surfaces

  • The catchment area must be determined by a precise and accurate hydraulic calculation

  • Protection of the trench drains against theft and vandalism through bolted connections or locking handles

  • The correct drainage channels must be selected to prevent water from overflowing, especially in the case of underground ramps with steep slopes

Petrol stations

Supermarkets and shopping centres often have their own adjoining petrol stations. Their forecourts are frequently used by cars, delivery vans and tankers. Drainage channels for petrol stations must therefore be robust and durable in order to withstand the different traffic loads. The drainage system should not only provide efficient surface drainage, but also protect the area from fuel spills.

Depots for delivery of goods

RECYFIX NC channel in front of Sanwa Food Company in Osaka

Shopping centres and supermarkets receive transported goods from their regional distribution centres. They therefore usually have their own depots for unloading goods.

The depots are regularly used by heavy goods vehicles and forklift trucks. To withstand the high loads and dynamic forces acting on the drainage system, a heavy-duty channel should be chosen.

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HAURATON drainage solutions for smart cities in Asia

There are many factors to consider when planning and specifying commercial drainage systems for smart cities. HAURATON offers comprehensive support for your project – for more certainty in planning and implementation. Contact us now!

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