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Rainwater Management

Consequences of climatic changes such as heat waves and more frequent heavy rainfall events are increasing significantly. Periods of drought and flooding are occurring more frequently. In addition, land sealing is increasing, especially in urban areas. Due to the sealing of the soil, water can hardly reach the soil naturally.

During heavy rainfall events, this leads to the intake capacities of the sewage system being exceeded. As a result, untreated rainwater runoff enters the environment, placing an additional burden on numerous ecosystems. It is therefore all the more important to use decentralised solutions with rainwater treatment that relieve the burden on the sewage system and promote groundwater recharge. This is the only way to promote comprehensive rainwater management.

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What is Rainwater Management?

Sustainable rainwater management means familiarising oneself with the requirements of the construction project at an early stage. In principle, there are various solutions, which are put together according to individual concepts. Whether rainwater treatment is necessary or not depends on various factors. That is why we are not only channel manufacturers, but also develop comprehensive solutions together with our customers. These are developed taking into account existing standards and project requirements in order to create a sustainable, safe and standard-compliant design. Here, customers benefit from our flexibly combinable product portfolio and our experience.

Climate change brings extreme weather events & drainage requirements

Climate change brings extreme weather events and can lead to enormous economic damage. Through professional drainage solutions, measures are taken to reduce consequential damage from extreme events.

Heat and drought

Due to more frequent and longer periods of heat and the accompanying drought, the groundwater level is sinking more and more. Agriculture and forests are already visibly suffering from the long periods without precipitation and the increased occurrence of isolated heavy rainfall events. The unsteady supply of water causes stress for plants and trees, which also manifests itself in yield losses and premature leaf shedding.

By purifying and then returning the precipitation water, e.g. to adjacent green spaces, the lowering of the groundwater level can be counteracted or recharge can be promoted. In addition, this drainage strategy leads to an improvement of the urban climate and the urban green space, especially in inner-city areas which is valuable in times of drought.


Heavy rainfall events

The opposite extreme to heat and drought are heavy rain events, so-called urban flash floods or “century rain events” (rainfall amounts that statistically occur once a century). Against this background, drainage solutions must meet the following criteria:

Ecological factors of rainwater treatment

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Decentralised rainwater treatment plays an important role in rainwater management. In this process, the rainwater passes through the following steps:

  • Collect

  • Retain

  • Purify

  • Drain (e.g. discharge into surface water) or infiltration

On-site infiltration of rainwater is important for the water cycle and nature. However, it must be taken into account that surface runoff, especially from traffic areas, contains pollutants. Hazardous substances can be:

Drainage solutions for modern rainwater management

Our drainage channels are used in many areas: from large-scale projects such as airports or stadiums to the drainage of public squares and barrier-free façade drainage in modern residential complexes. Forward-looking rainwater treatment and subsequent infiltration are often essential here.

Hydraulic performance of HAURATON covers – The rain test

This video shows the enourmous hydraulic performance of HAURATON covers in relation to different rain events in the world.

Rainwater treatment

Rainwater that is discharged from roofs, traffic areas or other surfaces into drainage systems can have a high pollutant load. If it reaches the ground unfiltered, it poses a risk to the groundwater. The DRAINFIX CLEAN filter substrate channel is an intelligent drainage solution that collects, filters and drains rainwater.

Drainage systems from HAURATON

Heavy rainfall events, heavy traffic, corrosive substances – the challenges for a drainage system are manifold. The planning and installation of a channel system are also quite complex, depending on the area of application. Here you will find everything you need to know about the components & the selection of the right drainage channel for your personal project.


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