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Advantages of RECYFIX drainage systems

In contrast to traditional in-situ u-shaped concrete trenches with outsourced covers, our RECYFIX modular drainage systems are robust, durable and cost-effective ‘all-in-one’ solutions. They are manufactured from high-quality, 100% corrosion-free recycled composite and consist of a channel body and integrated cover. Discover through our comparison why it pays to drain with RECYFIX surface drainage systems for Asia.

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Evolution of surface drainage systems

The concept of drainage channels has been known for thousands of years and has constantly evolved.

Basic Channel

The world‘s first known urban waste water system appeared in Asia (Lothal, India) around 2600 BC. Basic surface drainage channels are open systems without drainage covers.

Traditional In-Situ Trenches

Traditional in-situ trenches are simple systems cast from concrete on site. The basic drainage cover is usually only loosely inserted into the top of the trench, so that it is not securely fixed in place.

Modern System

RECYFIX – THE ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ SOLUTION: A complete, modular linear drainage system solution designed to collect surface water following rainfall and storm events. It consists of a corrosion-resistant channel body with drainage cover securely fixed in place. Low weight units ensure quick, easy and cost-effective transport, handling and installation.

Problems with In-Situ Trenches

Traditional in-situ trenches show several disadvantages in comparison to a modern drainage systems like RECYFIX solutions.

Cover of an in-situ trench

General problems

  • Poor quality and durability of in-situ trenches: Concrete produced on-site often does not fulfil highest quality standards compared to factory made products and so often fail after a short time (e.g. cracks in concrete or breakdown of system)

  • No traffic-secure solution: Neither channel nor cover can be tested for requested loading capacity

Broken in-situ trench

Poor security

  • Unsecured covers: They do not have any fixing with the trench body

  • Risk of injuries: Bigger slots are dangerous for pedestrians

Rusted and broken cover of an in-situ trench

Unpleasant optical appearance

  • Cracks in concrete start to destroy the trench and cover step by step which does not look good

  • Rusted covers: Cheap ductile iron covers tend to rust immediately

A man installing an in-situ trench

Greater effort and costs for installation

  • Time-consuming and costly installation: Higher costs on formwork, leveling and finishing that is required

Advantages with RECYFIX solutions

Compared with traditional in-situ trenches, RECYFIX systems offer the following benefits:

RECYFIX NC channel

Solution for in-situ trenches

  • Pre-fabricated products are produced with high performance material and fulfil highest quality standards

  • Systems fulfil EN 1433 and have a standard product guarantee

Locked covers on RECYFIX channels are traffic-secure

Solution for high security

  • Covers are locked securely with a locking handle or bolts or are built in a monolithic way

  • Sizes of slot openings are safe for all kinds of traffic users

A wide variety of good looking covers are available for RECYFIX channels

Solution for a pleasant visual appearance

  • Due to high quality material and production technology all products are durable and aesthetically pleasing over a long time

  • Covers are available in different materials and designs for an attractive appearance

A man installing a RECYFIX channel

Solution for low effort and costs to install

  • Installation of pre-fabricated systems can be done much quicker and with less concrete surrounding

RECYFIX PRO 100 drainage system
Traditional In-Situ Trench
Comparison between a RECYFIX channel and a traditional in-situ trench

Further advantages of the RECYFIX systems

High hydraulic performance

RECYFIX channels have a u-shaped profile with rounded edges, which results in much improved hydraulic flow performance and less accumulation of dirt

Easy maintenance

RECYFIX channels have smooth inner surfaces, which makes flushing and cleaning much quicker and easier than with traditional in-situ trenches

Successful all over the world

RECYFIX systems are approved worldwide for safe and effective drainage.

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