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Sports ground drainage for stadiums and sporting facilities

Large-scale stadiums, track and field facilities, for example for South East Asian Games and local sports centres, require sports ground drainage to effectively remove surface water from playing surfaces and pedestrian zones.

The sports ground drainage systems with trench drains specified will be determined by the type of application area and the individual requirements of the sports facility. Occasionally, cable management systems and channels for on-site car parks will also need to be considered within the overall design.


Sports ground drainage and solutions for every venue 

HAURATON’s SPORTFIX series has been specially designed to drain and equip any sports facility from an Olympic Stadium to a small playing field. The sports drainage systems and associated products ensure that playing surfaces and pedestrianised areas are safe and secure for athletes and spectators.

SPORTFIX solutions proven in Asia are produced to a high-quality standard and exceeded expectations for hydraulic performance, durability, and aesthetics.

Track and field facilities

Designed with a multi-purpose function, track and field facilities need to be equipped with a range of solutions to provide ultimate protection and comfort. The product specifications have to meet very tight requirements, especially if the facility is used for higher levels of competition.

With dedicated products for athletic facilities, HAURATON understands the applicable solutions required to optimally drain competition areas and prevent serious injuries to athletes. From drainage channels for running tracks, aluminium curbing, soft kerbs and sand traps, HAURATON has the suitable solutions for track and field projects.


Track and field solutions from HAURATON comply with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) requirements.

Sports pitches

Football fields, cricket grounds and hockey pitches need efficient surface water management to provide a safe playing surface for athletes. 

With these types of facilities, they can either be designed with natural or artificial turf. Although the use of artificial sport pitches has many benefits, they are increasingly becoming a concern for the environment due to the amount of microplastics deposits.

HAURATON has a range of sports pitch drainage systems, including an award-winning drainage and filtration system SPORTFIX CLEAN. It captures and retains microplastics preventing them from entering local sewer networks or natural watercourses.

Cable management for sport grounds

An important aspect for sports infrastructure is the organisation of cables and wires. The increased use of modern technology for multi-media communications and TV broadcasts is creating demands for safe, secure and discrete use of power cable networks. 

Professional cable management systems have the flexibility to cope with changing requirements for different events, such as an athletic competition to a festival or concert.  

SERVICE CHANNELS from HAURATON enable safe, secure and practical routing of power supplies, whilst maintaining constant and convenient access to key connections and sockets by distribution chambers.

Recreational grounds

These types of sports facilities are public spaces that can be utilised by the local community. They can include tennis and basketball courts, football pitches and even playgrounds. 

Effective management of surface water is essential for ensuring the safety of visitors and avoiding surface erosion. Whether you’rconsidering a tennis court drainage system or soft kerbs for the perimeter of a play area, HAURATON has the solution to meet your requirements.

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Surrounding areas 

Sports grounds can cover extensive surfaces. The perimeter can extend into the public realm which are frequently used by pedestrians on a daily basis.

The installed linear drainage system must be durable and robust enough for heavy pedestrian traffic, as well as have anti-slip heelsafe gratings for optimal safety.   

HAURATON offers a wide range of drainage solutions which consist of different widths and options including monolithic units, slotted channels, large retention capacities and filtration/treatment channels.

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HAURATON – your drainage specialist for sports grounds

As a member of IAKS (International Association of Sports and Leisure Facilities), HAURATON understands the requirements for designing and delivering reputable sports complexes.   

The SPORT products have been installed within many well-known sports facilities and stadiums, including Gelora Bing Stadium-Indonesia, Kusanagi Sport Complex-Japan, National Stadium Bukit Jalil-Malaysia and hockey pitch Seongnam-South Korea. The solutions are internationally recognised for their reliability, high-quality and longevity.

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