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Design freedom for your gratings

Rainwater management is an integral part of infrastructure. It is not always easy to integrate drainage systems into the cityscape or the design of special architectural buildings.
HAURATON has a wide and varied range of covers to give designers freedom of design when planning projects: from rustic cast iron covers to elegant slot covers or from gratings to design covers. The standard offering is complemented by custom-made products – especially for you.

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Range of materials

The choice of materials for our gratings is wide. Surfaces are made from different steel variants, cast iron or composite material. They all harness an attractive design, stability and reliability.

Once you’ve selected the right material for the channel cover, you can create an accent in the design of the architecture or integrate the systems into it.

Steel variants at a glance:

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel gratings are made of stainless chromium-nickel steel in the material grades 1.4301 (V2A) and 1.4571 (V4A – custom-made). This makes them corrosion-resistant.

Galvanised steel:

Hot-dip galvanising is a particularly durable and cost-effective corrosion protection and offers advantages that are unique in corrosion protection technology. Hot-dip galvanized surfaces are not only protected against wind and weather, but also optimally against mechanical stress – for decades.

Corten steel:

Corten steel is a steel alloy that is characterised with a high resistance to weathering. Their surface is covered with a particularly dense layer of iron oxide, which is responsible for the high rust resistance: it acts as a barrier layer and gives the product the desired rust-red appearance.

In addition to the material, you can also choose between different surface finishes for custom-made products: sanded, sandblasted, polished, glass bead blasted, stained or coated. The appearance of the drainage system can be individually adapted to the aesthetic requirements of your project.

Diverse cover designs

HAURATON has many different cover designs in nominal sizes 100 to 500 in its range: gratings, mesh gratings, slotted gratings, perforated gratings, longitudinal bar gratings, design covers and slot covers.

For architecturally demanding projects, the following four types of coverage are suitable:

FIBRETEC Design grating

The FIBRETEC Design grating is perfect for adding colour accents to your project. The wide colour palette of the cover ranges from calm blue (“water”) to rust red (“brick”) to bright yellow (“sun”). There is a suitable colour for every project. FIBRETEC is made of corrosion-free, recycled plastic. This is also resistant to UV radiation and de-icing salt.

An exert from the colour palette of FIBRETEC (from left to right): black, sand, stone, water, HAURATON petrol, Corten, aluminium, brick, fern and sun. The design grating is also available in many other colours.

Pure elegance with slot covers

Slot covers fit elegantly into the design of your project. Clear lines with the standard products or curved and flowing shapes with custom-made products can be realised. The covers are available in nominal diameters of 100, 150 and 200. In addition, the steel variants include stainless steel, galvanized steel and Corten steel for further design options for extraordinary style.

Cast covers: between rustic and elegant design

Cast iron covers are common for drainage channels and belong to the standard range as an extremely stable and rather rustic cover from the outside. However, elegant shapes with this material are also possible, as evidenced by the cast iron longitudinal bar gratings or the METROPOLIS design cover. The extremely stable and high-quality modular cast iron is available as a cover with a cathodic dip-coated surface in black or galvanized options.

Extravagant longitudinal bar grating Filigree

From custom-made products to standard products: the extravagant Filigree longitudinal bar grating impresses with its elegant design. In addition to stainless steel, the longitudinal bar grating is also available in a galvanized version. On request, the cover is also available as a radial or curved version.

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