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Filter substrate channel for effective treatment of polluted surface water.

Product visualisation of a DRAINFIX CLEAN FSU channel

Your benefits with DRAINFIX CLEAN

The DRAINFIX CLEAN filter substrate channel is an intelligent drainage solution that collects, filters and drains rainwater. The system consists of the CARBOTEC 100 filter substrate and a drainage channel with drainage pipe. Different FASERFIX or RECYFIX variants can be used depending on the type of load. The filter substrate channels are designed for loads up to F 900.

  • Retention volume of 15 to max. 137 litres/running metre of channel offers safety during heavy rainfall events
  • Ideal for use in heavily built-up areas and surfaces subject to traffic: Lower land consumption allows more usable building area
  • CARBOTEC 100 filter substrate is characterised by a high carbonate content and good binding of dissolved heavy metals and retention of ultra-fine particles (0.006 to 0.060 mm)
  • Extremely long maintenance intervals: first inspection after 10 years (depending on local conditions)

Product comparison DRAINFIX CLEAN

The ideal solution for rainwater treatment in heavily built-up and trafficked areas.
Ideal for rainwater treatment for medium loads up to load class E 600.
Rainwater treatment solution designed for light to medium loads up to load class C 250.
Rainwater treatment system for areas with low loads up to B 125.
Load class according to EN 1433
Load class according to EN 1433
up to F 900
up to E 600
up to C 250
up to B 125
Load frequency
Load frequency
Load dynamics
Load dynamics
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Fibre-reinforced concrete
Modified polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Galvanised steel or ductile iron edge rail with 40 x 40 mm insertion depth

Moulded as an integral part of the channel body

Composite frame 20 x 20 mm insertion depth

Integral polypropylene edge (visible on the surface)

Special characteristics
Special characteristics

– SIDE-LOCK, boltless locking system
– 16 fixing points for grating/metre

– Low weight
– Self-centring screw –> automatically finds the correct position
– Polypropylene channel body can be easily machined on site

– Low weight, easy to handle and install
– Channel body can be easily machined, cut to size on-site

– Low weight
– Channel body made of PP can be easily machined, cut, drilled on-site

Substrate requirement (l/m)
Substrate requirement (l/m)
30 to 79
53 to 80
Max. channel water level
Max. channel water level
11 to 33
9 to 21
Filter surface (m2/rm)
Filter surface (m2/rm)
0.2 to 0.47
0.30 to 0.4

Installation and maintenance of the filter drainage channel

DRAINFIX CLEAN combines low installation costs for stormwater treatment with maximum safety for traffic areas. The installation is extremely simple as the only additional components are the filter substrate and pipe connection which are inserted into the channel.

1. Installation of the channel body

Easy installation with various channels (FASERFIX SUPER, RECYFIX NC, RECYFIX PRO and RECYFIX STANDARD)

2. Filter pipe tubes inserted into the channel

Made of highly resistant PEHD plastic

3. Filling of the CARBOTEC 100 filter substrate

For an efficient filtration for pollutants   

4. Align the substrate with levelling device

For reliable maintenance of the filling level  

5. Attach the grating

Different gratings are available depending on the channel body

Long maintenance intervals

The maintenance of the drainage system is very minimal given the time the layer cake will build up. Only when 1/3 of the retention space is filled up, will the filter cake need to be removed. If necessary, the filter substrate can be refilled back into the system. With long maintenance intervals of up to 10 years (depending on local conditions), this makes for a simple and cost-efficient rainwater treatment system.   

The components at a glance

Connection options


Following treatment by the DRAINFIX CLEAN system, there is the option of connecting to a sewer.

Parallel seepage line

A seepage line can be laid parallel to the DRAINFIX CLEAN channel, into which the water is discharged after cleaning.

Stockholm system

Especially in urban areas, the wastewater from the streets can be effectively treated and subsequently used for tree watering.

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