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Who We Are

The company were founded in 1956 under the name Hauger & Jägel Betonwarenfabrik by Karl Hauger in Rastatt. Later, the company name was changed to HAURATON which was composed of the name of the founder Karl HAUger, the place it was founded RAstatt and the material BeTON.

HAURATON are a family-run business and are now in the third generation. For over 65 years we have been setting standards worldwide with our drainage solutions and for this reason, we are considered one of the top innovation leaders in surface water management systems.

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Our history

Karl Hauger over the Gotthard Pass

The quality and continuous development of products were important concerns for Karl Hauger. When he heard about the extreme stability of a new type of cement from Italy in 1963, he spontaneously got into his car to set off from Rastatt to Livorno to bring home a sample.

Due to the very bad roads at the time, the car did not survive the journey. Karl Hauger would not be dissuaded from that, so he bought a used Moto Guzzi Cardellino in Italy for 320 DM. Loaded with it 25 kilograms of cement and started the three-day return journey over the Gotthard Pass to Rastatt.

CARBOTEC 100: Specially developed filter substrate

Trials with the new cement confirmed its revolutionary properties. From this, HAURATON developed drainage channels made of particularly stable concrete which could be exposed to extreme loads in civil engineering.

A lot has happened since Karl Hauger’s adventurous journey over the Gotthard Pass for cement. Our range of drainage channels have long since ceased to consist of only concrete. Now manufacturing light and robust RECYFIX channels made from 100% recycled composite. We can also offer customers customised solutions made from stainless steel and other materials upon request.

Sustainable production 

The careful use of environmental resources is a particular concern of HAURATON. Therefore, we focus on recyclable materials and sustainable drainage systems in the development of our products.

The entire product life-cycle should have as little impact on the environment as possible. This begins with the selection of raw materials used and continues through the manufacturing process.

For the production of our recycled composite channels, we use recycled polypropylene (PP) which can be recycled again after use. Our RECYFIX channels carry the Blue Angel eco-label.

Support from Rastatt to the world

HAURATON have competent drainage experts that are available worldwide to support you on your construction project.

Our dedicated project managers are with you every step of the way to ensure the project is a success. From fully detailed drainage designs, all the way to the day of completion, our project managers are by your side.

HAURATON management board

HAURATON Management: From left to right: Patrick Wieland, Michael Schenk, Marcus Reuter, Christoph Ochs and Marcel Flattich


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