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Cutting-Edge Drainage Solutions for Zayed International Airport

Terminal A (formerly known as the ‘Midfield Terminal’) at Zayed International Airport is one of the largest airport terminals in the world, covering nearly 8 million square feet to accommodate up to 45 million passengers each year, processing 11,000 travellers per hour and handling 79 aircraft at any given time.

The new terminal features an array of state-of-the-art facilities, designed to maximise the comfort and experience of passengers. With luxury lounges, spa facilities, and over 160 retail and food & beverage outlets, catering to a wide variety of tastes and preferences, Terminal A will deliver a new standard of airport experience for both leisure and business travellers.

Product Load Class
3,000 m of FASERFIX SUPER E 600
2,340 m of RECYFIX NC D 400


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Optimising efficiency in drainage amidst intense rainfall

The project requirement was for modular linear drainage systems installed along the kerb line of landside access roads serving both the arrivals and departure areas of the terminal.

The selected systems had to be safe, aesthetically pleasing, hydraulically efficient and durable. This was necessary due to pedestrian use, the symbolic nature of the project, high rainfall intensity during storms and the extreme, corrosive environmental conditions in the United Arab Emirates.

FASERFIX SUPER drains the arrivals terminal at Abu Dhabi Airport
RECYFIX NC was supplied for the departure terminal

Comprehensive expertise in every project phase

Over a period of four years (2014-2018), HAURATON worked closely with the project team responsible for the planning of Terminal A. Throughout the process, HAURATON provided the team with a high level of technical support. This included:

  • Product life-cycle reassurance information
  • Specification compliance documentation
  • Hydraulic analysis datasheets
  • Provision of special product and installation drawings
  • Development of a new system grating
  • Development of bespoke shallow outlet boxes
  • System layout drawings, including radius schedule and mitre-cut details
  • Channels with special KTL coated edge-rails for enhanced corrosion resistance
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Drainage systems for Zayed International Airport

With extensive experience and specialised knowledge, the HAURATON team understands the critical aspects of airport drainage. Our expertise ensures seamless operations and efficient ongoing maintenance. Efficient and aesthetically pleasing drainage solutions have been installed in both the arrivals and departures terminals at Zayed International Airport, addressing the site’s individual requirements with precision and reliability.


FASERFIX SUPER for the arrivals terminal

FASERFIX SUPER drainage system

Made from fibre-reinforced concrete, FASERFIX SUPER offers superior stability and resistance to extreme loads (up to F 900). Versatile grating options and secure installation ensure durability in demanding airport environments.

  • Gratings securely fixed with 8 bolts per metre

  • Withstands environmental influences like frost, heat and moisture

  • Corrosion-protected edge frame for long-lasting durability

  • Available in various sizes and heights to suit specific needs


RECYFIX NC for the departure terminal

RECYFIX NC drainage channel

RECYFIX NC drainage channels were installed for the departure terminal at Zayed Airport. This system was selected due to its reduced invert depth and smooth internal surface, which achieved high discharge rates for a shallow installation.

  • Made of fibre-reinforced polypropylene (PP), resistant to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation

  • Withstands heavy traffic loads up to class E 600, ensuring durability in demanding applications

  • 4-bolt fixing per grating (2 gratings per metre) for maximum security and safety

  • Frame integrated as part of the channel body, offering protection against lateral movements and dynamic forces

  • Easy Installation: Supplied as a fully assembled unit, lightweight for one-man installation

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