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Drainage solution for Aldgate Square

Aldgate Square sits within an area of London metropolis. It was identified by the City of London that a transformation was required to promote regeneration. Aldgate Square was designed with the ambition to create an elegant open space that would entice the public to enjoy spending time in an urban oasis. With this in mind, a water feature with parabolic jets should be the focal point, which would create ambience for watching and playing. Therefore, the drainage system needed to be aesthetically pleasing but also offer maximum stability and safety.

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Customised radial channels C 250


Aldgate, London
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Safely guided through every stage

Throughout the course of the project HAURATON’s project team worked closely with the client, the City of London, from conceptual design right through to completion. The client wanted to ‘push the boundaries’ of what was possible from a drainage system. They envisioned incorporating a fountain channel that would follow the radius of the paving with slot widths and spacing to match.

The client’s requirements demanded an aesthetically pleasing system that was able to meet the projects demands. HAURATON endeavoured to meet the client’s specifications, searching and finding consistently complex solutions for new demands and significant challenges.

”It was reassuring to have HAURATON on board at an early stage to help us work through various issues and processes. It is quite rare nowadays to be able to work with a manufacturer that can take basic concepts through to producing products that meet our very high standards.”

Hydraulic performance meets radial elegance

The fountain acts as a centrepiece within the public space. Passers-by can either sit and watch, or walk across when the jets are turned on or off. Therefore, the safety of the general public was taken into consideration with heelsafe gratings.

In addition:

  • The fountain serves as a secondary drainage system during heavy rainfall

  • It accounts for large volumes of surface water run-off

”From the first design meeting it was clear that the client was looking for a high-quality product that met very strict criteria in terms of performance and aesthetics. Taking the project from inception from some sketched up notes, to HAURATON manufacturing a top quality system was in itself a big challenge”.

Andy continues; “the site was located in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities and the project needed to run to an extremely tight program of works. It soon become clear that planning and organisation were also going to be key to a successful job. I am proud of the part HAURATON and I played in what was to become an award-winning project. If you’re ever in Aldgate, go pay a visit and grab a coffee!”

Walk in the park for HAURATON

HAURATON created bespoke drainage channels specifically for the radial fountain at Aldgate Square. The channels were laid to follow the lines of the paving and incorporated several recessed inspection covers which allowed access for maintenance. The 8mm slotted longitudinal radius gratings provide heelsafe inlets with spacers matching the paving joints.

The completion of Aldgate Square has not only significantly improved the appearance of the urban area, it has also improved the air quality within the environment. Therefore, the project has signalled the importance of high-quality public realms.

HAURATON provided the City of London with a high-quality tailor-made manufactured product. Furthermore, the project team delivered within budget and on time. The bespoke solution more than fulfilled the particularly high demands placed on materials, design, technology and hydraulic systems.

The project solution with all conceivable custom developments in a multitude of variants impressed the client. Moreover, they now rely upon HAURATON’s expertise and drainage solutions for the implementation of future projects.

Radial channels

  • Tailor-made specific for client requirements

  • Bespoke precast concrete radius drainage channel units with built-in fall

  • Stainless steel angle housing

  • Longitudinal bar grating radial with customised bar spacing


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