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Filigree drainage of a shopping centre

The CAP 3000 shopping centre near Nice welcomes several million visitors from all over the world every year. More than 200 shops are spread over an area of 135,000 m². The shopping centre is distinguished by its bold, unique and modern architecture. Both the exterior façade and the entire interior space are inspired by the concept of rippling water. This landscape architecture concept has also been incorporated into the drainage solution.

Product Load Class
170 m of FASERFIX KS D 400


Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France
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The requirements: safe, easy to maintain & aesthetic drainage

The architectural concept of the CAP 3000 shopping centre also had to be reflected in the  drainage system. At the same time, the drainage channels had to be easy to clean and able to withstand the regular truck traffic caused by the daily deliveries. The choice was therefore made for FASERFIX KS symmetrical double slotted channels.

High hydraulic performance meets radial elegance

In order for the drainage system to fit visually into the building, the channels were laid radially across the forecourt. The duo slotted covers are thus integrated into the surface as a narrow, elegant line. The cover scores points with its elegant design, but also with its high hydraulic performance, as the entrance of the duo slot is about twice as wide as that of ordinary slot covers. Thanks to the large inlet cross-section, rainwater is quickly and reliably drained away even in the event of heavy rainfall.

The duo slotted cover is made of galvanised steel and is designed for loads up to class D400. This means that even daily delivery traffic is no problem.


Easy to clean and maintain

Another requirement for the drainage system was that the channels be easy to clean and maintain. HAURATON’s duo slotted covers were also convincing in this respect. They are equipped with a removable bar, which makes it possible to remove small stones, dirt or leaves that have become stuck quickly and easily.

Benefits of FASERFIX KS

The FASERFIX KS drainage channel is suitable for all commercial and public areas that have to withstand the daily stresses of car, truck and pedestrian traffic. As the channel body can be combined with a wide range of gratings (ductile iron, PE, stainless steel), the FASERFIX KS system is ideally suited to aesthetically demanding projects.

Additional benefits:

  • Optimal stability thanks to fibre-reinforced concrete

  • High hydraulic performance even in heavy rain

  • Additional protection against longitudinal movements (shear protection)

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