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Safe Drainage of the Race Track in Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a non-permanent race track in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At 6,174 kilometres, the circuit is the longest Formula 1 track. Here, the racing cars shoot along the coast of the Red Sea at an average of 252 km/h. This makes it one of the fastest tracks on the Formula 1 calendar. But not only are the speeds record-breaking, the construction time of the track was also completed in record time. A major task for all the trades involved – including HAURATON, whose systems ensure safe drainage on and off the track.

Product Load Class
7,465 m of RECYFIX HICAP T F 900
2,922 m of FASERFIX SUPER F 900


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Record Stretch in Record Construction Time

The construction of the longest Formula 1 circuit was under enormous time pressure. From the start of construction in April 2021, only about eight months remained until completion because the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was already scheduled for the beginning of December. An extremely tight schedule for the more than 50 companies involved, which could still be met on the home stretch. HAURATON was also involved: the experts from the project management team were able to win over the Tilke planning office with their many years of experience in the tendering process. A total of 10,387 metres of channels ensure safe surface drainage on and next to the race course.

Highest demands on drainage solution

The demands on the drainage systems are very high. For example, the channels have to withstand extreme dynamic forces and suction effects from racing vehicles – especially in the 27 bends, which are a record-breaking number. A subsequent widening of some of the curves additionally increases the enormous loads on the drainage lines. These are often at right angles or diagonally to the ideal line and are driven over. The same applies to the pit exit, a maximum speed area of the track. This puts enormous stress on channels and gratings. Parts flying through the air, from small screws to complete gratings, would mean a great risk of accidents and injuries for drivers and spectators. This risk had to be avoided at all costs and taken into account in the selection of a suitable drainage system.

HAURATON Solutions

The system of choice was RECYFIX HICAP T, a heavy-duty, trafficable drainage system used along the course.

The FASERFIX SUPER channel was used in the paddock and service area.

RECYFIX HICAP T Drains the Roadway

In addition to excellent drainage performance, RECYFIX HICAP T impresses with a high retention volume, making the channel suitable for retention. This allows for safe drainage of rainwater even during heavy rainfall. The system is designed for heavy-duty applications, such as race tracks with extreme loads up to load class F 900.

  • Integrated, 30 cm high slotted covers made of extremely robust ductile iron

  • Channel components made of unbreakable polypropylene are resistant to UV, frost & road salt

  • Easy handling and little time required for installation due to the light weight of the system

FASERFIX SUPER Drains the Paddock Area

FASERFIX SUPER drainage channels offer optimum stability thanks to the FASERFIX material. This consists of concrete reinforced with sustainable basalt fibres. Extra thick side walls further increase the stability of the system and offer maximum safety. The drainage solution is suitable for extreme loads of class F 900.

  • High security due to 16-fold fixation possibility of the grating per metre

  • Corrosion-protected angle housing made of zinc-magnesium coated steel or stainless steel

  • Unique quick-lock system SIDE-LOCK allows for easy and quick locking

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