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Architecture as a symbol: Drainage of the World War II Museum

Designed by American architect Daniel Libeskind, the World War II Museum is a symbolic expression of the connections between the past, the present and the future. While the war past is hidden in the lower rooms of the building, the present emerges in the open space around the museum. The future is symbolised by the sloping tower with its vantage point. The architecturally sophisticated drainage of the award-winning museum is ensured by an equally extraordinary channel system.

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600 m of FASERFIX KS D 400


Gdansk, Poland
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Drainage systems underline the architectural design concept

The square surrounding the museum building also forms the roof of the underground part of the museum. Drainage channels run through its entire surface, running under visitors’ feet as well as above their heads. The drainage system was installed on the floor slab of the square. Due to the low installation height and drainage through the floor slab, it was not possible to install trash boxes. The FASERFIX KS channel system therefore proved to be the ideal drainage solution for this museum steeped in history.

With these channels made of fibre-reinforced concrete, a hole can be drilled at almost any point on the channel base and the channel can be cut to the exact length required in each case. This allows the line drainage system to be individually adapted to the specific project requirements. Cathodic dip coated ductile iron gratings blend architecturally into the aesthetics of the museum complex and give the open space a very special accent.

FASERFIX KS – Sturdy and efficient drainage channels

For a wide range of applications

Drainage channels for museums and other public areas have to withstand daily traffic loads on the one hand and be visually appealing and ensure safe installation in all surface coverings on the other. With its strong side walls, the FASERFIX KS channel system made of fibre-reinforced concrete guarantees high stability and thus safety. The large selection of different grating variants ensures aesthetic integration of the drainage system. The SIDE-LOCK system, HAURATON’s unique, boltless quick-locking system, also enables the grating to be installed quickly and easily.

Your benefits with FASERFIX KS:

  • High stability

  • Boltless quick-locking system SIDE-LOCK

  • Adherence to standards and guidelines

  • Optical design freedom

  • Wide variety of gratings (shown here: longitudinal gratings)

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