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Car park drainage in Groß-Gerau

Groß-Gerau is a district town in Hesse, Germany. DRAINFIX CLEAN was installed for car park drainage during the renovation of parking areas at the Groß-Gerau district administration office. The filter substrates clean the rainwater from the car park and the bus bypass and drain it away.

Product Load Class
280 m of DRAINFIX CLEAN D 400


Groß-Gerau, Germany
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Groundwater Protection Through Rainwater Treatment

The groundwater here must be particularly protected from pollutants from the surface water. This is because the car park is located in a category III B water protection area.

It was no longer possible to direct the water, untreated, through the existing old connections into a culvert running under the car park. Since discharging it into the wastewater sewer system was also not an option due to the expected volume of water, a solution for comprehensive Rainwater management was sought.

DRAINFIX CLEAN Filter Substrate Channel as a Solution.

By using the DRAINFIX CLEAN filter substrate channel from HAURATON, a practical solution was offered in accordance with the requirements of the water authorities. For the planning office of Mörner, responsible for the project planning, the implementation of this drainage system proved to be an ideal solution.

Space-saving all-in-one solution.

Drainage is ensured with a resilient drainage channel that can be driven over
Cleaning takes place in the same system
No extra space is needed
The DRAINFIX CLEAN filter system cleans reliably and verifiably
It is very low-maintenance and works for many years without needing to be cleaned

This makes it possible to clean the surface water of the parking area in such a way that it can be directly discharged into the natural watercourse. The results of the cleaning performance can be observed directly at the culvert. The water is clear, free from dirt particles, and can be safely reintroduced into the water cycle.

The same system is also used for the bus bypass.

In the second phase of construction, the bus bypass was redesigned. Due to the high level of safety provided by this system and the positive experiences during the construction of the parking area, the planners also opted for DRAINFIX CLEAN channels. Additional measures were required for this heavily trafficked area:

  • Channel body with ductile iron edge frame for even more stability

  • Extra concrete stretchers were added to protect the drainage system in areas where the channel was integrated into the paved surface

Benefits of the DRAINFIX CLEAN filter substrate channel

The DRAINFIX CLEAN filter substrate channel scores with economy, safety and environmental friendliness:

  • Long operating times and low costs are achieved through extended maintenance intervals

  • The slope of the terrain was taken into account in the dimensioning, because the filter substrate channel can be overflowed during heavy rain events

  • The cleaning performance required by the BBodSchV (Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance) is clearly exceeded (local standards may differ)

  • The filter channel system easily meets the minor threshold values according to LAWA/2004 (Federal/State Working Group on Water) without any difficulties (local standards may differ)

Further details on DRAINFIX CLEAN

Reliable in Operation

The DRAINFIX CLEAN channels have been highly successful and reliable in use on the car park of the district administration office in Groß-Gerau. The special features and vital function of the channels may not be visibly apparent on the surface, but they are indispensable for maintaining groundwater quality.


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