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Drainage of the Port of Gdansk

The port of Gdansk is one of the largest seaports on the Baltic Sea and a transhipment point for many bulk and general cargoes. It is considered an important distribution centre for the Baltic Sea region as well as for Central and Eastern European countries. A wide variety of goods are loaded: as general or bulk cargo as well as in other forms.

Product Load Class
370 m of FASERFIX BIG BLS F 900


Gdansk, Poland
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Demanding conditions require a massive drainage solution

As part of the project, a traffic area along the quay had to be equipped with a drainage solution. The traffic area in question is used several times a day by heavy machinery and vehicles loaded with several hundred tonnes. In addition, goods such as syenite, inorganic fertilisers and hydrochloric acid are handled at a very high frequency. These general conditions posed great challenges for the drainage solution.

Benefits of HAURATON products and services

The decision to equip the entire length of the quay (370 m) was made for the following reasons:


For safe and stable port drainage

  • Precast reinforced concrete drainage channels in lengths of 4 m and 5 m

  • Solid channels made of liquid tight concrete as a prefabricated reinforced concrete part in strength class C60/75

  • Tested structural analysis for channel and foundation design with four different traffic loads

  • ASR resistant (alkali silica reaction)

  • Corrosion-protected angle housings

  • Ductile iron gratings in classes D 400, E 600 and F 900 according to EN 1433

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