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Rainwater drainage on the new Sassari-Olbia motorway

The Sassari-Olbia trunk road is the main inland link in the north of Sardinia, uniting the western and eastern parts.

The first section, with a length of approximately 9,300 m, provided for the construction of two lanes in each direction, a traffic divider, two roadside verges (one external and one internal) and three junctions.

Product Load Class
5500 m of FASERFIX KS 200 D 400


Sassari-Olbia, Italy

Drainage system design requirements

During the design phase, particular attention was paid to the collection of rainwater. In particular, the designer and client wanted a system that could be easily installed, easy to inspect, with a secure fastening of the gratings without causing accidents, but above all stable and load-resistant.

Solution provided by HAURATON

In view of the designer’s requests, HAURATON’s team of experts decided to propose the FASERFIX KS range of channels as a solution.


FASERFIX KS channels with ductile iron gratings offer maximum stability, safety and drainage efficiency.

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete: extremely durable and robust

  • Time and cost savings: the SIDE-LOCK system saves 90% of the time needed to remove and fix gratings compared to traditional bolt fastenings

  • Fire resistance class A1 (non-combustible) according to DIN 4102 (local standards may differ)

  • Additional protection against longitudinal movements

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