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Drainage Formula 1 race track Circuit Park Zandvoort

Located directly in the North Sea dunes, the Circuit Park Zandvoort race track looks back on an eventful motorsport history. It has been the venue for various national and international racing events. Formula 1 also made a guest appearance on the “dune rollercoaster” from 1952 to 1985, with a few interruptions. After a 35-year break and extensive renovation of the track, Formula 1 will return to Zandvoort in 2020. Safe drainage is ensured by a channel system that can also withstand top speeds.

Product Load Class
210 m of FASERFIX SUPER D 400
190 m of RECYFIX HICAP F 900
60 m of RECYFIX PLUS slotted channel RACETRACK D 400


Zandvoort, Netherlands
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Safely at the start

The 4.3 km long race track in Zandvoort is known for its special track characteristics with many hills and sharp curves. A great challenge for the drainage of the track! Because the drainage system not only has to fit accurately into the curves, but also has to meet the high standards and regulations of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). The HAURATON Project Management Team convinced the jury with their many years of expertise in racing and suitable drainage channels that can withstand the high loads from race cars and heavy duty vehicles.

Millimetre work in the shortest construction time

There was very little time for the installation of the drainage channels. Within two months the complete pitlane and three of the curves (T1, T3 and T12) had to be equipped with drainage channels. It was necessary to ensure that the channels were laid with precision to prevent sharp edges on the surface. The choice fell on the RECYFIX HICAP drainage system and FASERFIX SUPER channels for cable routing in the pit lane area. In the curve area FASERFIX SUPER and RECYFIX PLUS drainage channel with slotted cover type F1 in load class D 400 were used. Thanks to the close cooperation of all those involved in the project, installation was completed on time and accurately despite the tight schedule.

Curve drainage with FASERFIX SUPER

The FASERFIX SUPER channels impress with their robust and unbreakable material and extra-thick side walls. This enables them to withstand the high dynamic forces and extreme loads of a race track. Thanks to their corrosion-protected galvanised steel edge frames and the embedded ductile iron gratings, even the salty sea air in Zandvoort does not affect them. By using half-metre pieces, the channels can be optimally adapted to the curve.



  • Safety through 16-fold locking of the grating per metre

  • Time-savings thanks to boltless locking system SIDE-LOCK

  • Stable gratings up to class F 900 according to DIN EN 1433

  • Particularly secure hold of the gratings in the edge frame thanks to 40 mm insertion depth

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