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Safe cable routing in the Brno Exhibition Centre

The Brno Exhibition Centre (Výstaviště Brno) is an exhibition area two kilometres south-west of the city centre of Brno. Opened in 1928, it now covers an area of 667,000 square metres and has a capacity of 30,000 visitors per day. Various trade fairs, congresses, sporting events and concerts are held in the 15 exhibition halls. For this, information and service cables have to be laid quickly and removed again afterwards. To prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard for visitors, 816 metres of SERVICE CHANNEL FASERFIX KS were installed in exhibition hall B. These channels from HAURATON ensure that the cables are routed in the floor without any obstacles.

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Brno, Czech Republic
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The challenge: Little space and many supply cables

There was very limited space in the existing concrete floor of exhibition hall B for the installation of the SERVICE CHANNELS. At the same time, a considerable amount of useful space was to be made available within the channel bodies for the installation of various service and media cables. For this reason, several parallel channel runs were installed next to each other. Due to the low overall height and the optimum channel cross-section, the decision was made in favour of the SERVICE CHANNEL FASERFIX KS 150 type 200 with a closed, KTL-coated ductile iron cover in class E 600. The boltless locking system SIDE-LOCK enables the covers to be opened quickly and easily and closed safely. Cables can thus be quickly re-laid or removed as required.

In order to make the best possible use of the available space and at the same time place all the necessary media cables in the channel bodies, the channels had to be installed as close as possible to each other, taking into account all technical requirements. Therefore, only a narrow gap separates the two SERVICE CHANNEL runs, which were filled with high-strength cement grout. Afterwards all joints of the channels were perfectly sealed. The result: Efficient use of the available space for the channel installation while at the same time accommodating and routing all relevant information and service cables.

Long-term cooperation with the Brno Exhibition Centre

Hall B is already the seventh exhibition hall at the Brno Exhibition Centre that has been equipped with FASERFIX channels since 2001. In addition to the optimum drainage solution in each case, the expert support of the HAURATON project team during installation was particularly convincing.


Reliable partner for the management and protection of cables

SERVICE CHANNEL FASERFIX KS provides safe, secure and practical management of cables and other service utilities. Suitable for external or internal areas, the SERVICE CHANNEL KS systems ensure invisible cable routing with quick and easy access for changing requirements or maintenance.



  • Channels made of fibre-reinforced concrete with sustainable basalt fibres

  • High load capacity up to E 600

  • Fire resistance class A1 (non-flammable) according to DIN 4102

  • SIDE-LOCK fixing with central bolt & bar fixing for added safety, stability and security

  • Solid non-slip covers in durable ductile iron with KTL cathodic-dip coating

  • Galvanised steel cable tray for space-efficient storage of cables

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