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Airport Frankfurt

Airport Drainage Systems for Airside and Landside

Airport infrastructure covers a large surface area which is formed of two different zones, landside and airside. These surfaces can include anything from terminals, parking allocations, aprons and runways.

Airports require drainage suitable for different loads and applications. Surfaces subject to ultra heavy loads require airport drainage systems with exceptional durability, strength and reliability. Whereas, linear drainage installed within pedestrianised areas such as passenger terminals can have more of an aesthetical appearance.

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Why is airport drainage important? 

Airport drainage systems are important for both airside and landside surfaces to keep operations running smoothly during heavy rainfall. Having controlled surface water management will ensure effective removal of surface water, which can avoid flooding and hazards within both areas of application.

RECYFIX HICAP at International Airport, Vilnius
RECYFIX HICAP at Newquay Airport

Airport airside components

FASERFIX SUPER installed at Polish airport

Airside means; where the planes operate. It can include the following areas:

  • Apron: aircraft are parked for loading, unloading and refuelling

  • Taxiways: a pathway for aircraft that connects runways with aprons, terminals, hangars and other airside facilities

  • Runway: for taking off and landing

  • Hangers: to hold aircraft for repairs or maintenance

  • Warehouses & logistics facilities: storage and distribution of air freight goods

Requirements for airport drainage within airside areas

Airport drainage channel for landside

Aircraft and other support vehicles continuously traffic airside surfaces. Mechanical forces can put extreme strain on the surface caused by extreme heavy loads and lateral forces from turning or braking.

Airside drainage systems should meet the following demands:

  • Efficient interception and large hydraulic drainage capacity

  • Proven performance in ultra heavy-duty environments

  • Strong, durable and corrosion-resistant to fuels and de-icing salts

  • Safe and secure system design

  • Quick, simple access for cleaning with low long-term maintenance costs

Heathrow Airport with British Airways Airbus A380

Read about our drainage project for Heathrow Airport

Airport landside components

Bespoke channels for Frankfurt Airport Terminal

Landside areas are open to public access, therefore landside drainage systems are important in the following locations:

  • Terminals: passengers transfer on and off aircraft

  • Access roads: routes and interchanges within the airport boundary linking arrival / departure terminals and other landside facilities

  • Communal spaces: external areas for public use

  • Parking areas: cars, buses, coaches, taxis and other public transportation

  • Distribution centres: supply of goods to national and international markets

  • Hotels & commercial complexes: businesses and trade zones within the airport perimeter


RECYFIX NC at Lviv, Ukraina Airport
FASERFIX SUPER installed at Nuremberg airport terminal

Requirements for airport terminal drainage

Drainage channel inside airport terminal
Safety & security

Drainage in busy public spaces should be safe and secure for travellers and airport personnel with user-friendly gratings and system designs that prevent tampering.

Drainage channel entrance area Fraport
High-quality aesthetic design

Drainage channels should incorporate discreet or aesthetic features to compliment the contemporary design style of modern terminals and associated outdoor spaces.

Drainage entrance area Frankfurt Airport
Bespoke solutions

Airport terminal design often requires customised drainage solutions to meet innovative and unique features.

Airport drainage Arrivals level Frankfurt Terminal 1
Strong & durable

Designed with longevity in mind, airport environments require strong and durable drainage systems to withstand constant use by travellers and trollies.

Frankfurt Airport Drainage channel arrival level Terminal 1
Barrier-free drainage design

Entry to airport facilities should be easily accessible. Drainage channels should ensure safe passage for trolleys, prams, mobility aids and pedestrians.

Airport drainage requirements for landside surfaces

FASERFIX KS for commercial building

Since there are diverse sections in landside areas, the drainage system will depend upon the specific application surface. However, the characteristics for landside drainage channels should include the following:

  • Strong, stable and resistant to heavy loads and forces

  • Safe for pedestrians and personnel

  • Tamper-proof gratings for a secure environment

  • Durable and corrosion-resistant for long-term high performance

  • Versatile range of systems to suit a variety of applications within the airport perimeter

  • Allow treatment of rainwater from contaminated surfaces to cleanse and remove hydrocarbons, fine particles, metals and other pollutants

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HAURATON – your trusted partner for airport construction

HAURATON drainage systems have been installed within over 90 major airports worldwide. With our extensive drainage knowledge, experience and proven airport drainage solutions, you can be reassured your airport project will truly be a success.

Our drainage specialists will provide you with full support on your project; from hydraulic performance calculations, take-offs, correct system selection and installation advice on-site and much more!

Drainage solutions for airside and landside

With a diverse range of applications in an airport environment, flexible and versatile drainage solutions are required to meet specific challenges within individual areas.

Airside drainage:

Product presentation RECYFIX HICAP F

RECYFIX HICAP slot channel has proven performance in airside areas within major airports worldwide. The key benefits regarding this drainage system include:

  • Monolithic design and retained grating: monolithic system installation and narrow retained grating design, provides superior resistance to heavy loads and dynamic forces at the pavement surface and a safe airside environment

  • High intake and drainage capacity: channel units provide efficient interception, drainage and retention of stormwater from airside surfaces

  • Durable and corrosion-resistant: manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene composite, with gratings in durable spheroidal ductile iron, channel units are strong, corrosion-free and impact resistant


Landside drainage:

Special solutions drainage systems made of stainless steel

To meet the various drainage requirements of landside areas, HAURATON endeavour to provide the right solution for your project. We offer a wide range of systems for car parks, commercial areas and industrial applications. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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