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Safe and secure cable trough systems

For the management and protection of cables and utilities

Cable Management

Cable management is an important consideration for numerous infrastructure projects. The demand to facilitate cable runs and services utilities is increasing due to the enhanced use of technology within buildings and external surfaces.

Without a specific cable management system in place, cables and utilities laid on the surface often bring increased danger associated with high-level work, poor aesthetics, trip hazards, leakage risks and other structural requirements.

Service Channel

Benefits of cable trough systems

Cable Trough system with solid cover off to showcase cable routing system

Cable troughs are convenient systems for providing safe, secure and practical management of electrical cables, pipes and other service utilities. They can act as a permanent or temporary routing solution for applications where cables need to be quickly adapted.

Cables and utilities installed within cable trough systems can bring many benefits such as:

  • A long-term protection barrier against accidental damage

  • Avoid trip hazards when temporary/permanent routing of cables is required

  • Invisible cable routing for improved safety and aesthetics

  • A quicker and safer environment for cables and utilities in the aspect of installation, maintenance or inspection

  • Offers cable protection with maximum versatility and flexibility for management of cables and utility services

SERVICE CHANNELS: cable trough systems from HAURATON

HAURATON drainage channels have been cleverly adapted with the inclusion of solid covers and cable trays as a floor-laid cable routing system to carry cabling, pipelines, utilities, broadcast and communication systems safely and securely.

Available in a variety of widths and sizes, SERVICE CHANNELS come in a precast concrete cable trough or 100 % recycled composite to suit different loadings and specific project requirements.

Channel with solid covers

Solid non-slip ductile iron covers (quick and easy to remove and re-fit) have been designed with pre-fitted removable steel caps to provide cable/pipe entry points in flexible locations along the ducting system.

Accessibility with SIDE-LOCK

A patented boltless locking system that allows the covers to be removed quickly and re-fitted easily during cable laying and removal. Once a cover is positioned over the channel, foot pressure is simply applied. A loud click then confirms the cover is securely locked in place.

HAURATON SERVICE CHANNELS can be used in a variety of applications including sports stadiums, exhibition halls, warehouses, industrial buildings, airports, container terminals, railway projects and many more.

FASERFIX SUPER installed within Yorkshire County Cricket Club
RECYFIX SERVICE CHANNEL installed with Giottiline Logistics Centre

Concrete cable troughs


Concrete cable trough channel FASERFIX SERVICE CHANNEL product visual

Heavy-duty concrete cable trough channel systems are manufactured from fibre-reinforced concrete with maximum lateral stability due to their extra thick channel base and side walls. FASERFIX SUPER incorporates a 40 mm deep galvanised angle housing while FASERFIX KS has 20 mm.

  • Withstands extreme loads and dynamic forces up to load class E 600

  • Solid non-slip covers in durable ductile iron with KTL cathodic-dip coating; available with cable outlets for flexible management

  • Fire resistance class A1 (non-flammable) according to DIN 4102

  • Galvanised steel cable tray for practical space-efficient storage of cables and other utilities

  • Quick and easy access with SIDE-LOCK patented boltless locking system

  • Suitable for internal and external applications


Video demonstration of FASERFIX cable management system

Composite cable trough


Recycled composite cable trough RECYFIX SERVICE CHANNEL product visual

Cable ducting channel manufactured from 100 % recycled composite (polypropylene) with a solid non-slip KTL-coated ductile iron cover (with or without cable outlets).

  • Withstands traffic up to a C 250 load class: medium load situations with moderate traffic

  • High-level corrosion resistance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Lightweight and easy to handle on-site

  • Galvanised steel cable tray for practical space-efficient storage of cables and other utilities

  • Channel body can be cut, drilled and machined on-site without any problems


Video demonstration of RECYFIX cable management system

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