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Public space drainage systems for towns and city centres

With heavy rainfall, climate changes and people utilising public spaces, incorporating a well-designed and efficient drainage solution is essential for controlling surface water within urban environments.

Specifying the correct public space drainage system can be challenging for many local councils, planners, landscape architects and engineers, as linear drainage should be durable enough for frequent pedestrian use, as well as have an aesthetical appearance.

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Requirements for public space drainage systems

Linear drainage systems typically include some of the following characteristics for public space environments:

Aesthetic design

METROPLOIS with drainage channel installed in town centre

Drainage systems can either have gratings with decorative designs that stand out as a prominent feature or have a discreet appearance with slotted inlets to blend harmoniously into the surface interface. The type of preferred grating will solely depend on the overall specific design requirements of the project.

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Slotted channel in front of Concert hall Nospr in Poland

Public space drainage channels must have high-quality durable materials to withstand heavy pedestrian use. The systems should also have the capability (location dependant) to cope with occasional traffic by medium load vehicles such as service vehicles (non-fast moving traffic).


RECYFIX PRO installed outside hull bonus arena

Drainage systems that will be subject to continual pedestrian traffic are often specified with anti-slip heelsafe gratings to prevent incidents. This is to reduce the risk of heels being stuck in gratings and for safety standards when channels are trafficked by cyclists and those with mobility aids.

HAURATON drainage systems meet and exceed the requirements for public realm and shared space project applications. Discover our product range >

What areas can require surface drainage systems?

Public squares

Public Square in Germany with SLOTTED CHANNEL

Public squares provide an open social environment for pedestrians. They link surrounding architecture which can include retail, commercial, residential and cultural buildings. Public squares play an important role for the recreation of space and leisure.

  • Eliminate surface water to ensure safety for pedestrians

  • Harmoniously blend with the overall aesthetic surroundings

Pedestrianised areas

World War Museum in Gdansk, Poland

Footpaths are the connecting routes within the public realm. They provide a safe zone for pedestrians away from moving traffic. Their common nature makes them a fundamental part of an urban environment. The humble footpath is an important factor when it comes to the drainage of public spaces.

  • Safe for pedestrians

  • Effectively remove accumulating rainwater


Cyleway in public space in London

Cycleways are increasing in popularity and are now a common feature within urban areas. Promoting sustainable mobility is one of the main objectives of a modern transport policy. Implementing cycle lanes within shared spaces promotes cleaner air and encourages healthier living. Therefore, cycle lanes should always be designed with adequate drainage in mind.

  • Wheel-safe for cyclists

  • Eliminate ponding

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DRAINFIX CLEAN installed within roadway

Roads within town centres and cities are shared spaces between pedestrians, buses and other transportation. As a result, roadways require versatile, durable and efficient drainage systems that can withstand the frequency of different traffic loads.

With the rise of concern for pollutants such as rubber from tyre particles entering watercourses from heavily trafficked surfaces, installing a rainwater treatment channel within roadways is ecologically beneficial to the environment.

  • Safe for pedestrians

  • Resists heavy loads and dynamic forces

  • Removal of contaminants

Communal areas

RECYFIX PLUS installed within paved surface

Parks and green spaces create a tranquil oasis for the community to enjoy. They can also be used for gentle exercise and sometimes concerts or festivals.

  • Complementary appearance: perfect integration within the landscape design.

  • Positive impact on the local environment: a rainwater treatment solution can allow localised ground infiltration of surface water close to its source to have a positive influence on the immediate natural environment.

  • Durable, functional and safe: open spaces are often used for large public gatherings such as concerts and sporting events. Drainage channels should allow safe and secure passage by pedestrians, cyclists and other emergency vehicles.


RECYFIX PRO with metropolis grating draining a fountain

Fountains and water features installed within public spaces are often the focal point within a landscape design. They can also work as a secondary drainage system during heavy rainfall events. Fountains and water features can bring a sense of tranquillity to the urban environment.

  • Corrosion-resistance

  • Integrate with the architectural design of the surroundings

  • Efficient intake of surface water from the public surface

Gratings for innovative urban surface drainage design

HAURATON offer a wide range of grating options (designs, colours and materials) which are compatible with our range of drainage systems. The gratings provide your project with total design flexibility. The materials include spheroidal ductile iron, galvanised steel, stainless steel and recycled composite. Below you find some of the gratings we can offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

METROPOLIS: ductile iron

Visually appealing with sinuous asymmetrical lines makes a decorative statement within urban surfaces.


Award-winning hydraulically optimised FIBRETEC heelsafe grating comes in a variety of colours: Fern, Sand, Stone and Black.

Public space drainage systems

With long-established experience and expertise in the field of surface drainage, we are by your side every step of the way. Whether you require a city drainage channel for a shopping outlet or drainage for a public green space, we’ll ensure you have the right drainage solution for your project.

Product comparison of channels suitable for public spaces

Discreet slot drain for public areas that require unobtrusive drainage.
Corrosion-free drainage system for commercial and public areas.
Durable drainage channel with a protective edge rail.
Load class according to EN 1433
Load class according to EN 1433
up to D 400
up to D 400
up to D 400
Load frequency
Load frequency
Load dynamics
Load dynamics
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
100, 150, 200
100, 150, 200, 300
100, 140, 200, 300
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Composite frame 20 x 20 mm insertion depth

Integrated edge rail made of galvanised or stainless steel

Grating variants
Grating variants

– Slot gratings made of galvanised or stainless steel (V2A, V4A)
– Duo slot gratings
– Symmetrical & asymmetrical versions

– Longitudinal bar grating
– GUGI design gratings
– Mesh gratings
– FIBRETEC and METROPOLIS design gratings
⇒ Made of ductile iron, PP, galvanised steel, stainless steel

– Perforated gratings
– Mesh gratings
– GUGI design gratings
⇒ Made of ductile iron, galvanised steel, stainless steel

Special characteristics
Special characteristics

– Unique connection technology of the slot tops
– Removeable access tray

– Pre-assembled ready for installation
– Low weight, easy to handle and install
– Channel body can be easily machined, cut to size on-site

– Pre-assembled ready for installation
– Low weight
– Steel edge rail enables straight edge of tarmacked surfaces
– Channel body made of polypropylene can be easily machined, cut, drilled on-site


– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

FIBRETEC grating: recycled composite

Unique Requirements

Special drainage designs for unique and innovative applications

Superior Aesthetics

A bespoke and precise channel design when high-quality aesthetics are required

Design Flexibility

Total flexibility regarding channel system dimensions, configuration, materials and other special characteristics

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