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Rainwater retention

When the outflow of water is restricted on-site, drainage systems need to retain rainwater for a certain period before it’s transported and discharged into sewer networks or other water bodies. With a combination of retention volume and flow control, the temporarily stored water quantities can help prevent surface ponding or flooding.

Challenges of rainwater retention

With the increase in urbanisation and climate changes, retention is increasingly becoming an important consideration for many projects to prevent flooding and property damage. Therefore, the following challenges must be met:

Stadt mit Grünflächen
Progressive surface sealing

Due to the increasing development (especially in urban areas), rainwater can no longer directly infiltrate into the ground. As a result, when heavy rainfall events occur, the risk of surface flooding significantly increases.

Starkregenereignis überflutete Straßen
Increasing heavy rain events

When large volumes of rainwater fall in a short amount of time, sewer networks and drainage systems can reach their capacity limit. This results in flooding and high levels of rainwater that can cause damage.


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Requirements for a retention system

What characteristics should a channel system with retention capacity have to ensure safe and reliable drainage?

High hydraulic capacity

Even during heavy rainfall events, retention systems must be able to store large quantities of rainwater and slowly release it into networks or other water bodies.

Low land consumption

In heavily built-up areas, low land consumption by the retention system is essential. Due to a high backwater volume, fewer inlet boxes and pipe connections are necessary.

High load capacity

Depending on the area of application, retention systems must safely withstand load-bearing forces from heavy traffic.


The drainage system must have a high resistance to frost, de-icing salts and UV radiation to ensure longevity.

Quick installation & easy maintenance

The retention system must be simple to install and easy to maintain.

Suitable products for rainwater retention

Our systems provide reliable rainwater retention with high hydraulic performance.

Our solution – your benefits with RECYFIX HICAP F

Product presentation RECYFIX HICAP F

Due to their hydraulic performance and high backwater volume, RECYFIX HICAP F systems are suitable as retention channels in addition to drainage. This means that large volumes of water can be retained, stored and discharged into the sewer in a controlled manner even during heavy rainfall events.

  • Loadable up to class F 900

  • High backwater volume: RECYFIX HICAP F 10000, for example, can retain 443 litres per metre

  • By using RECYFIX HICAP F channels, drain boxes and pipework can be reduced to a minimum – this reduces costs and the time required for installation.


Further product possibilities for retention

In addition to RECYFIX HICAP F, we offer other options for rainwater retention:

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Areas of application for rainwater retention

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Temporary storage of surface water

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