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SPORTFIX: specialised products for stadiums and sports grounds

HAURATON provide reliable drainage channel systems, along with dedicated athletic products such as sand traps and soft kerbs for sports infrastructure projects. All solutions have one thing in common, the name SPORTFIX.

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How the SPORTFIX product range can be utilised

Product Comparison

SPORTFIX Slotted Channel
SPORTFIX Channels with running track boundaries
Discreet slot drain for professional athletic facilities
The all-round talent of sports drainage
The drainage system for artificial turfs on hockey pitches
Light and durable track drainage
The ideal combination of a drainage channel with a border for running tracks
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Composite angle housing with 20×20 mm lay-in depth

Composite angle housing with 20×20 mm lay-in depth

KTL coated angle housing

Grating variants
Grating variants

KTL-coated cover with EPDM inserts to form uniform slots

Variety of gratings made of PA for corrosion free application:

  • GUGI
  • FIBRETEC (several colours available)

Mesh grating made of corrosion free PA with clamping function for hockey turf

Galvanised slotted grating

Running-track marking necessary as cover

Special characteristics
Special characteristics
  • The specialised drainage channel for running tracks
  • Can be combined with running track marking from white plastic or aluminium curbings

Wide range of applications:

  • Along the straight in a running track
  • Around football pitches
  • In school sports grounds
  • Fixes the edges of hockey turf in the channel
  • Prevents rolling up while providing drainage at the same time

Traditional grating design combined with composite channel

Open channel with fixing possibility for running track markings

Reference: Creasey Park Football Centre

Further SPORTFIX products

SPORTFIX Sand traps & SPORTFIX Soft kerbs

SPORTFIX Sand traps and soft kerbs at the city stadium Palanga

SPORTFIX Sand traps used for long and triple jump or shot-put need appropriate separation from other surfaces. SPORTFIX Soft kerb edging stones are equipped with a rubber top to reliably protect athletes from injuries. At the same time sand traps recover the sand that is scattered out to keep it from clogging the pores of the surrounding elastic surface. Both products can be designed to fit individual layouts.

SPORTFIX Sand traps offer an appropriate separation from other surfaces.
SPORTFIX Soft kerbs protect athletes from injuries.

Stadium equipment

Water jump with hurdle at the national stadium rabat

Sports stadia need specialised equipment for the appropriate infrastructure to cater several different events. Whether it be water jumps and hurdles for steeplechase or distribution shafts to bring electricity where it is needed, HAURATON products can be combined to plan the stadium layout according to local requirements and conditions.

SPORTFIX Distribution shafts are very helpful for cable routing.
Hurdles complement the HAURATON SPORTFIX product portfolio.

HAURATON — Your expert for sports construction

HAURATON sport products have been installed in many renowned locations around the world: for example, at international events such as the European Football Championship in Poland/Ukraine and the Football World Championships in Brazil and Russia.

As a member of the IAKS (International Association of Sports and Leisure Facilities), HAURATON experts for rainwater management are familiar with all applicable standards and guidelines, practical requirements and current trends.

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