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Channel drainage for schools, colleges & universities

Drainage systems play a key role in preventing localised flooding of schools, colleges or university premises. Areas such as walkways, playgrounds, car parks or even multi-use games areas (MUGA) all need to be drained quickly and efficiently for safe access and play.

With over 65 years of expertise in rainwater management, HAURATON understand the challenges channel drainage needs to meet in order to sustain the demands of the educational sector.

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Drainage systems requirements for schools, colleges and universities


It’s possible that pupils can try to pull the gratings off drainage channels. The channel system needs to either have lockable bolts or be a monolithic system to ensure they are vandal-proof.


Pupils can be very talented at trying to play with drainage systems. This can lead to them getting their fingers stuck in the gratings or wedging things in it. The system must have narrow slots to try and deter this issue.


As playground drainage and pedestrianised areas can be subject to a low volume of traffic, channel systems with composite gratings are ideal. Once in place, the gratings will not corrode (no oxidation) and will maintain their aesthetic appearance for the project’s lifetime.

Composite material is lighter, more durable, longer-lasting, and sustainable and produced from raw material. As we grow evermore conscious about the environment, designing and constructing with eco-friendly building materials is growing.


Depending on the design specification, the channel system may need to fulfil an aesthetic function.

School playgrounds or MUGA, for example, may need the system to match the aesthetics of the final finish. External public areas could require aesthetically pleasing gratings or discreet gratings that blend into the surface.

Aesthetic design gratings

FIBRETEC grating top view of colours
FIBRETEC gratings

Compatible with our RECYFIX PRO system, FIBRETEC gratings have an aesthetic optimised design and come in a variety of different colours that can compliment the surface colour such as tarmac or EPDM playgrounds.

SLOTTED CHANNEL installed at York University
RECYFIX PRO installed at Dixons Kings Academy

Drainage solutions for the education sector

Choosing the correct system solely depends upon the design and application area, for example, pedestrianised area, playground, MUGA or the building façade. Our experts are happy to discuss your project to ensure you have the right solution.


university drainage system huddersfield monotec
RECYFIX MONOTEC installed at Huddersfield University

RECYFIX MONOTEC is a monolithic unit with an integral narrow slotted grating FIBRETEC.

  • Manufactured from recycled corrosion-free composite

  • Load rating up to D 400

  • Lightweight and extremely robust system combines maximum stability with minimum weight

  • High hydraulic capacity which can accept large volumes of rainwater

  • Resistant to frost, de-icing salts and UV light


Temple learning academy RECYFIX MONOTEC
RECYFIX PRO installed at Temple learning academy

With a load rating up to D 400, RECYFIX PRO system brings the following benefits:

  • Pre-assembled, lightweight and compact channel units for quick and easy installation on-site

  • Channel body in modified polypropylene (PP) composite – an extremely robust material

  • Channel and angle housing made of 100% recycled composite material

  • Highly durable non-corrosive composite grating, completely resistant to de-icing salts and UV rays

  • Gratings mechanically fixed to edge-frame housing (2 bars and bolts per metre) for security


SLOTTED CHANNEL installed at Rainbow Primary Academy
SLOTTED CHANNEL installed at Rainbow Primary Academy

SLOTTED CHANNEL provides discreet drainage that harmoniously blends into the surface appearance.

  • Combines functionality and design: unobtrusive solution for facades and paved areas

  • Safety and security: narrow slot design with non-removable parts guarantees a safe surface environment for pedestrians

  • Hydraulic performance: high in-take capacity and maximum interception along the channel length for efficient surface water drainage

  • Sustainable and durable: robust channel body is made from 100% recycled composite

Track and field ground with kerbing boundary

Schools, colleges and universities with athletic facilities

Educational premises can include their own track and field grounds. Adequate drainage is required to maintain surface water and avoid deterioration of the track surface.

HAURATON have a dedicated range of sports-specific products tailored for track and field grounds. These include discreet slotted channels for running track drainage, sands traps, soft kerbing for long jump and much more.

Discover the SPORTFIX range >

Product comparison overview of channel drainage suitable for schools, colleges and universities

HAURATON have the experience to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to meet your project requirements. Close and comprehensive technical support is available during all stages of your project from early planning and design, on-site installation and maintenance advice. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Product illustration of a RECYFIX PRO drainage channel
Product illustration of a RECYFIX MONOTEC drainage channel
slotted channel
Corrosion-free drainage system for walkways & pedestrian areas.
Monolithic drainage system for playground drainage & walkways.
Discreet slot drain for public areas & façades.
Load class according to EN 1433
Load class according to EN 1433
up to D 400
up to D 400
up to D 400
Load frequency
Load frequency
Load dynamics
Load dynamics
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
100, 150, 200, 300
100 & 200
100 & 150
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Modified polypropylene (PP) , 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Composite frame 20 x 20 mm insertion depth

Integrated award-winning FIBRETEC heelsafe grating

Cover variants
Cover variants

– Slot gratings made of galvanised or stainless steel (V2A, V4A)
– Duo slot gratings
– Symmetrical & asymmetrical versions

Special characteristics
Special characteristics

– Longitudinal bar grating
– GUGI design gratings
– Mesh gratings
– FIBRETEC and METROPOLIS design gratings
⇒ Made of ductile iron, polypropylene (PP), galvanised steel, stainless steel

– Large retention volume despite slim channel design
– Monolithic drainage channel
– Vandalism-proof
– Easy cleaning via the inspection box

– Unique connection technology of the slot tops
– Removeable access tray


– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall


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