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A comprehensive drainage system for draining tracks and rails.

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Our solutions – benefits for you FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM

FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM is a drainage channel system dedicated to track drainage. The system drains water from both the rails and the surrounding tracks. FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM consists of modules made of high-strength fibre-reinforced concrete.

  • The system drains water from both the rails and the surrounding areas
  • It is available in four nominal widths: NW 100, 150, 200, 300
  • High hydraulic efficiency: 220 I per one 4-meter element with a cross-sectional area 552 cm2
  • 4-meter sections facilitate quick installation of even very long linear drainage lines, and 1-meter sections are a convenient addition to the lines.
  • Load class up to F 900
  • Possibility of colouring the casing and structuring its surface in accordance with the project requirements


FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM allows for individual adjustment of the system to the needs of the project. FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM are specially constructed drainage modules which, thanks to prefabrication, can be adapted to the investment requirements:


Module A

module located outside the track (standard length up to 1000 mm)

Module B

module between the rails, complete with two rail drainage boxes (standard length – 1435 mm)

Module C

module between two tracks (standard length up to 2000 mm)

Modification of modules

All modules for the FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM system can also be prepared on drainage channels with a ready-made, prefabricated concrete band, such as FASERFIX BIG BL and FASERFIX KS+

Application areas of FASERFIX TRAFFIC TRAM



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