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Sustainable Drainage Systems

Greenbelts and floodplains are increasingly being built upon pressurising the grounds natural ability to infiltrate surface water.

Urban development, impermeable surfaces and climate changes are considered to be contributing factors why we are likely to see an increase in flow rates which can lead to flooding. Many local authorities, architects and developers are utilising Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) as part of their flood risk management schemes.

What are Sustainable Drainage Systems?

Sustainable Drainage Systems also known as SuDS aim to control surface water run-off at source by storing it locally through collection and cleaning it before water is released back into natural watercourses.

They can relieve pressure on sewer systems already over capacity and reduce the risk of flooding in new development areas by replicating a more natural process to manage flow rates. They can improve water quality by capturing and retaining any harmful pollutants (hydrocarbons, harmful metals, fine particles) and reduce the risk of polluted water going straight into rivers, seas and people’s homes.

Overall, SuDS are considered environmentally beneficial, providing greener infrastructure and a sanctuary for wildlife.

There are many different types of SuDS that can be incorporated such as attenuation ponds, swales, infiltration basins and permeable paving.
The solution will be dependant upon the individual site constraints.

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Sustainable drainage systems are becoming an important design element for many urban, commercial and school developments.

If you have a SuDs project which includes drainage channels to invariably drive water into your chosen SuDs system, we would be more than happy to advise on what system is most suitable for your scheme.

Treatment of surface water: DRAINFIX CLEAN 

DRAINFIX CLEAN treats surface water run-off at source before its released into natural watercourses. It works according to the principle of surface filtration. This means that pollutants and other impurities are filtered out directly at the surface.

DRAINFIX CLEAN is not only particularly effective, but also requires little maintenance. This is because the first inspection is only due after approximately ten years (depending on local conditions). The functional aspect will determine the actual need for maintenance intervals. If this is necessary, only the filtration has to be removed and a substrate exchange is not needed.

DRAINFIX CLEAN filters rainwater according to the principle of surface filtration
Water purification with the CARBOTEC 60 filter substrate

Rainwater management with DRAINFIX CLEAN

Ideal for use in urban environments and trafficked areas:

Lower land consumption allows for more usable building space (for example in comparison to a green swale). The system can be trafficked when part of an urban area.

Performance in extreme weather conditions:

Large retention volume provides security and will cater for heavy rainfall during storm events. Due to the filter stability, the cleaning performance is maintained and high operational safety is guaranteed

Reliable cleaning:

HAURATON have developed the CARBOTEC 60 filter substrate for optimum water purification. It is characterised by a high carbonate content, good binding of dissolved heavy metals and retention of ultra-fine particles (0.006 to 0.060 mm).

Durability and longevity:

Continuously withstands the effects of extreme weather and is resistant to frost and de-icing salts.

Rainwater treatment drainage channel: DRAINFIX CLEAN

Product image of DRAINFIX CLEAN
  • Drainage, retention, treatment and discharge in one system

  • Withstands heavy loads: up to F 900 load class

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete channel with ductile iron grating

  • Complies with SuDS schemes

  • Retention volume 71 to max. 110 litres

  • DIBt approval documents – maximum safety for planning and operation

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