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Commercial drainage for retail parks, shopping outlets and office spaces

The retail and commercial sector offers a variety of challenges for surface water drainage. New developments such as supermarkets and shopping centres are often integrated with offices and commercial buildings such as warehouse units.

Due to the complexity and arrangement of these areas, specifying the correct commercial drainage system for the demand of each application area is essential.


Requirements for drainage within retail areas

Shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets can cover a variety of different surface areas from car parks to pedestrian surfaces. Commercial drainage systems have to overcome different challenges when installed within these areas:

Parking areas

RECYFIX MONOTEC installed at retail park

Car park surfaces are constantly trafficked by a variety of different vehicles every day. The installed drainage system have enough durability and resistance to withstand high volumes of traffic, different loads and dynamic forces.

Depending on the car park location, the surfaces can also cover a large surface area. A system with high retention capacity may also need to be considered if surface water needs to drain an extensive catchment area.

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Service yards

FASERFIX SUPER for commercial drainage at Aldi supermarket service yard

Retail stores and supermarkets often have external yards for offloading transported goods. These areas are trafficked by load-bearing and dynamic forces from transportation lorries and forklifts.

A robust and heavy-duty drainage channel should be specified within these areas to withstand the heavy loads and lateral forces imposed on the system.

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Petrol stations

Asda petrol station with FASERFIX KS

Supermarkets often have their own adjoining petrol stations. The forecourts are subject to high volumes of traffic from cars, vans and fuel tankers. This type of application can also bring a high concentration of contaminates such as hydrocarbons, petrol, diesel and oils.

An effective drainage system for a petrol station forecourt must have the capability to cope with different traffic loads, as well have a high level of resistance to chemicals.

Pedestrian zones

SLOTTED CHANNEL installed at Whitely Shopping Village

Drainage channels situated within public spaces can demand a higher visual aesthetic for the overall design.

The selection of gratings with appropriate colours, decorative detail and special materials allows the channel to discreetly fit into the existing space and make a statement designed gratings.


SLOTTED CHANNEL at Whitley Shopping Village
RECYFIX MONOTEC installed in Aldi supermarket

”When considering the correct channel proposal for a commercial project, it is essential to understand the exact type of traffic expected and the dynamic forces applied to the channel. This will determine the correct weight loading, grating type and locking system required.”

High level of aesthetics for commercial drainage

Urban retail outlets, town centres and office complexes can be situated around large open spaces interlinked with modern and traditional architectural buildings.

Incorporating commercial drainage channels that combine efficient hydraulic performance and also look aesthetically pleasing can be beneficial.

SLOTTED CHANNEL at Aldi supermarket
FASERFIX KS with METROPOLIS design grating
Aesthetic integration with the building concept:

The individual character of each building means that the drainage channels should not only be functional, but also harmoniously blend with the surroundings.

Building security:

Commercial drainage must ensure surface water is efficiently drained near facades, walkways and other adjacent hard surfaces such as car parks to preserve the buildings fabrication.

HAURATON offer different styles of gratings that can compliment the design concept of your project. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss further.

6 challenges commercial drainage must overcome within business units

Loads and forces:

The installed surface drainage system requires a strong and robust solution to withstand regular heavy traffic and dynamic forces imposed by vans, lorries and forklift trucks.

Safety and security:

Parking spaces require a durable channel system which covers the weight load requirements as well as pedestrian safety.

Increased high volumes of surface water:

Due to increasing surface sealing, heavy rainfall can quickly lead to large amounts of surface water. The drainage system must be able to intercept and divert the high volumes of rainwater.

RECYFIX MONOTEC at Dodworth business units
Filtration of substances hazardous to water:

In urban areas the safe retention and treatment of substances that are hazardous to water (e.g. hydrocarbons, metals etc.) must be removed. Filtration channels not only drain surface water, but also filter pollutants before returning it to the natural watercourse or the drainage network.

Longevity & easy maintenance:

The installed surface drainage system should have a long service life with a maintenance and cleaning programme.

Security for infrastructure:

Buildings need to be protected from rainfall or standing water. The surface drainage system needs to quickly and effectively drain any excess water left from rainfall to protect the fabric of the building and ensure optimal pedestrian safety.

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Drainage solutions for retail and commercial sector

There are many factors to consider when planning and specifying retail and commercial drainage. Therefore, HAURATON endeavour to make sure you have the right solution to suit your application area. The channels below are recommended for retail parks, supermarkets and other commercial areas.

Monolithic drainage system for areas with frequent traffic.
Discreet slot drain for public spaces that require unobtrusive drainage.
High performance reinforced polypropylene channel.
Load class according to EN 1433
Load class according to EN 1433
up to D 400
up to D 400
up to E 600
Load frequency
Load frequency
Load dynamics
Load dynamics
Nominal width | System size
Nominal width | System size
100 & 200
100, 150, 200
100, 150, 200, 300, 400
Materials of the lower parts
Materials of the lower parts
Modified polypropylene (PP) , 100 % recycled composite
Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled composite
Modified polypropylene (PP), 100 % recycled composite
Angle housing
Angle housing

Moulded as an integral part of the channel body

Grating variants
Grating variants

Integrated award-winning FIBRETEC heelsafe design

– Slot gratings made of galvanised or stainless steel (V2A, V4A)
– Duo slot gratings
– Symmetrical & asymmetrical versions

Ductile iron grating

Special characteristics
Special characteristics

– Large retention volume despite slim channel design
– Monolithic drainage channel
– Vandalism-proof
– Easy cleaning via the inspection box

– Unique connection technology of the slot tops
– Removeable access tray

– Channel and cover = one component
– Self-centring screw –> automatically finds the correct position
– Polypropylene channel body can be easily machined on site


– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

– Constant depth
– Stepped fall

Additional HAURATON drainage systems and grating options are available for retail and commercial applications. Please get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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