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Creasey Park Football Centre changes the game on microplastics

From the first opening in November 2011, Creasey Park Community Football Centre quickly established itself as a local community hub. The centre is home to two local football teams, Dunstable Town FC and AFC Dunstable and also includes football pitches available for hire.

The popularity of the existing pitches led to a decision from Dunstable Town Council to expand the facility and include an additional pitch. The full-sized 3G (long synthetic grass with shock-absorbent rubber crumb) artificial pitch was created to increase availability and benefit the local community.

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176 m of SPORTFIX PRO B 125


Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Artificial sports pitches: a red flag for microplastics

The issue concerning microplastics is becoming increasingly recognised at national and international levels. Artificial grass is nothing new for sports surfaces because of its many benefits such as durability, low maintenance costs and overall performance. The infill material (rubber crumb) can end up in local sewer networks, natural watercourses and potentially the world’s oceans.

Early processing helped tackle the issue

The team as SSL (Surfacing Standards Limited) acknowledged microplastics would be a cause for concern at the design stage due to the environmental impact. They sought after industry expertise from HAURATON and discussion quickly turned to SPORTFIX CLEAN.

‘’The technical guidance and support from the HAURATON team on the SPORTFIX CLEAN system was excellent.’’

SPORTFIX CLEAN won the game

Close up of SPORTFIX CLEAN at Creasy Park Football Centre

The award-winning SPORTFIX CLEAN system is a drainage and filtration system that captures and retains microplastics from artificial sports pitches. The drainage system was installed around the entire perimeter of the new 3G pitch at Creasy Park.

The channel is made from 100% recycled composite and has an additional geotextile wrapped pipe in the base. It is then topped up to pre-determined levels with a unique filter substrate material.

SPORTFIX CLEAN captures any microplastics from surface water run-off and particles transported on shoes and clothes. The system prevents microplastics from entering their way into the watercourse, making it more than a traditional drainage channel.

HAURATON’s invested interest in the project

Andy Beirne, Senior Project Manager at HAURATON, has always taken a keen interest in topics surrounding cleansing surface water run-off and pollution prevention. Therefore, he was pleased to be involved in the project from an early stage.


‘’The issue with microplastics is not going away anytime soon, so it is always great to work with designers that recognise the issue. SPORTFIX CLEAN works well on artificial turf pitches and the components are manufactured from the RECYFIX range which is recognised for its longevity.’’

HAURATON RECYFIX channels are manufactured from 100% recycled composite (polypropylene) and carry the Blue Angel certification. The importance of using fully recyclable materials cannot be understated and HAURATON have a firm commitment to sustainable construction.’’

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SPORTFIX CLEAN: retains microplastics from artificial turf

Product image of SPORTFIX CLEAN
  • Won the Environmental Technology Award Baden-Württemberg 2019

  • Continuous retention and filtration of microplastic pollutants

  • System can be retrofitted to existing pitches

  • 100% recycled channel body – environmentally friendly

  • Lightweight and easy to handle on-site

  • Purified water can seep into the groundwater or be collected in a cistern for re-use

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