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Drainage Solution for Asda Superstore

The development of a new Asda Superstore, alongside a regeneration project, is set to be a huge economic boost for Chorley Borough. Moreover, the 4,000 m2 Asda Superstore will create over 400 new jobs for the local community. The cost of the work was largely funded by the supermarket chain as a requirement of planning approval. In addition, it has supported investment from Chorley and Lancashire Council. The Asda premises will encompass its very own petrol station and parking facilities.

Product Load Class
216 m of RECYFIX HICAP F 900
33 m of FASERFIX KS E 600


Chorley, Lancashire

HAURATON drainage systems ideal for Asda supermarket

HAURATON’s range of drainage solutions were easily applied to multiple application areas. An efficient drainage system is vital for supermarkets to keep them operating effectively.

Parking area

RECYFIX HICAP within Asda Superstore car park

Asda supermarket incorporated its own car park for customers. The long opening hours mean the asphalt area would constantly be in use. Moreover, with 400 allocated spaces the car park covers a vast surface area. Therefore, an effective and durable high capacity drainage solution was essential.

Petrol station

Asda Superstore petrol station with FASERFIX KS

Asda recognised the convenience of constructing their own service station within the superstore premises. These areas have high intensity of traffic and can be subject to fuel substances. Therefore, a professional drainage channel was necessary which protects the area from fuel spills and meets hydraulic demands.

Service yard

Asda Superstore service yard with RECYFIX HICAP

An important element for the Asda superstore was the implementation of a drainage channel in the service yard. The supermarket would get transported goods from their regional distribution centre every day. Firstly, these areas can cover a large surface area. Secondly, they are highly trafficked by heavy goods vehicles. The drainage system needed to be robust enough for forces imposed as well as offer large hydraulic capacity.


Drainage solutions for Asda Superstore

HAURATON have been the preferred supplier of surface water drainage channels for many Asda supermarket projects.


For the service yards and car park area

Product image of RECYFIX HICAP

The RECYFIX HICAP slot drainage system allows flexibility in design and installation. It can reduce the number of channel runs normally required to drain a given area. This reduction means less excavation, materials and vastly reduces installation time.

  • High capacity slot drainage and retention systems for large areas

  • Channels manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP)

  • Loading class up to F 900

  • Resistant to climate change

  • Easy installation and lightweight to handle


For the petrol station

Product image of FASERFIX KS

The high-quality fibre-reinforced concrete channel ensures performance reliability. Therefore, the drainage system offers maximum lateral stability and can withstand heavy loads and high dynamic forces. FASERFIX KS is corrosion-resistant, therefore it is not subject to any environmental influences. Furthermore, it provides adequate drainage during heavy rainfall events.

  • Capacities for fuel tanker spillages

  • Withstand shearing forces exerted from vehicles

  • High drainage cross section and hydraulic performance

  • SIDE-LOCK boltless locking system

  • Various choice of gratings

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