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Drainage Systems for Central Park Distribution Centre

Central Park Distribution Centre is one of the largest industrial units in the South West. At 600 acres, it accounts for many well-known companies such as The Range, Lidl, Royal Mail and Tesco. With areas designated for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) access, car parks and other commercial vehicles, it meant the surfaces would be frequently trafficked by a range of vehicles.

Product Load Class
203 m of RECYFIX HICAP F 900
22 m of FASERFIX SUPER F 900


Bristol, Avonmouth

Specific challenges of the project

Before any constructional ground works began, the plans for the design and drainage solutions of Central Park Distribution Centre were agreed upon in principle. RECYFIX MONOTEC was chosen for the commercial parking areas and RECYFIX HICAP for the service yards. During the project, the client additionally requested to have a drainage channel at the front access of the distribution centre. This surface would be accessed by HGVs. A robust solution was acquired that can withstand load bearing lateral forces.

As part of HAURATON’s service they undertook a recalculation and a new detailed design was approved. HAURATON endeavour to meet project specific solution findings in combination with continual recalculations according to the customer’s needs.

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Providing individual support for drainage planning alongside constant liaison between the Area Sales Manager and contractor, it insured the project was a success.

“Although the original HAURATON channel selection was agreed upon, specification changes during construction meant the channels needed to be changed at short notice. We quickly provided a solution that ensured the site-work was able to continue without delay.”

Integrated cable routing

The distribution centre was going to be equipped with air conditioning and coolant piping would be running to external condenser units. Evidently, the wiring would be exposed making the external area look cluttered. A solution was required to have a channel run that would serve as cable routing. In addition, the system would also need to have significant drainage capability.

Parking areas in Central Park Distribution Centre

RECYFIX MONOTEC install at Central Park Distribution Centre car park

One of the main benefits of RECYFIX MONOTEC is its perfect harmony with asphalt surfaces within car parks. There is no potential for the grating to come detached as the channel is a monolithic system. Furthermore, it prevents personal injury due to the heelsafe grating which also has an aesthetic design.

Exposure to heavy goods vehicles

FASERFIX SUPER within car park area at Central Park Distribution Centre

FASERFIX SUPER is the ideal application for maximum lateral stability as it can resist the extremes of heavy loads and dynamic forces. They are purposely built for application areas with asphalted surfaces. Therefore, it was a solid drainage solution for Central Park Distribution Centre.

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Solutions HAURATON provided for Central Park Distribution Centre

The HAURATON team were able to provide expert drainage advice through design and original solutions. A range of drainage channels were required for Central Park Distribution Centre due to the various application areas.


Product image of RECYFIX HICAP

RECYFIX HICAP with load class F 900 was used to drain the HGV surface areas. All channels supplied are made of recycled polypropylene (PP) with fixed ductile iron, 14mm open slot tops finished with a rust resistant coating. The RECYFIX HICAP system resists weight up to 90 tonnes and turning forces of HGV wheels. It offers a superior overall hydraulic performance and the 302-metre channel run provides a water storage volume totalling 10,051 litres.

  • Easy installation, complies with ‘one-man-lift’ legislation

  • Drains large areas with minimal outlets

  • Break-proof components

  • Resistance to fuels/oils, frost, salt and UV radiation


Product image of FASERFIX SUPER

FASERFIX SUPER fibre-reinforced concrete channels fitted with class F 900 ductile iron gratings were used for the asphalted areas. This space is predominantly accessed by HGVs and smaller commercial vehicles. These channels feature metal protection along the angle housings. This detail provides exceptional wear resistance and increased load bearing capability.

  • Maximum lateral stability

  • 40mm angle housing

  • 8 times bolted per metre

  • Up to 500 mm wide channel


Product image of RECYFIX MONOTEC

In total, 82 metres of RECYFIX MONOTEC class D400 were used to drain the car park block/asphalt surfaces. The RECYFIX MONOTEC one-metre long channel component is of a sturdy monolithic design. The heelsafe grating, as well as the tongue and groove linking system, are integral to the channel moulding. The whole unit is made of tough, virtually unbreakable recycled PP and formulated to be very resistant to temperature fluctuation.

  • Corrosion free

  • High hydraulic capacity

  • Easy to handle, complies with one-man-lift legislation

  • Drains large areas with minimal outlets


Product image of SERVICE CHANNEL

The SERVICE CHANNEL, with load class E 600 and ductile iron solid covers, was installed to provide protection for cables and coolant pipework for two external air condenser units. The 300 mm channel incorporates a perforated galvanised steel cable tray, which is suspended within the run. It is not only great for discrete underground cabling but also keeps wiring clear of surface water.

  • Maximum stability due to fibre-reinforced concrete

  • Easy access to cabling as and when required

  • Makes cable routing invisible

  • High performance angle housing & boltless locking system

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