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Specially manufactured drainage for Central Saint Giles

Central Saint Giles in London’s West End is more than just a new office building. Designed by internationally renowned architects Renzo Piano and Fletcher Priest, this ultra-modern complex combines office areas, retail businesses, restaurants, cafes, residential properties and open spaces that include an extensive public square and roof gardens for use by the building’s occupants. Central Saint Giles is 12 stories tall and provides 37,961 m (408,560 ft ) of high quality office floor space.

Product Load Class
600 m of Slotted channels with symmetrical and asymmetrical slot inlets D 400
15 m of Stainless steel channels


Central St Giles , London
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Good impression right from the start

Close up of custom slotted channel for Central St Giles

Managing a major building site in a very busy part of London was no mean feat for the main contractor, Bovis Land Lease and landscape contractor, Grants International. All the surface water drainage components supplied had to be easy to transport and installed without the use of handling machinery.

  • Channels weighed no more than 17 kg per unit

  • Lightweight, flexible and also extremely stable and durable

The RECYFIX channel components made from our 100% recycled PE-PP were matched with galvanised steel slotted inlets with neck height and slot width specifically made to match the decorative stone paving slabs.

Lightweight products, a high degree of flexibility and maximum durability and safety were the decisive factors of why these solutions were acquired for this project.

BREEAM rating for Saint Giles

In a commitment to sustainability, the Saint Giles project has earned an excellent BREEAM rating. The rainfall from the roofs and public square is collected, treated and stored for re-use in irrigation of the planted areas. It is estimated around 3000 m3 of water can be collected per year. This, alongside other carbon saving features such as green roofs and roof gardens which attenuate rainfall and heat build-up with ecological benefit, gave the development an excellent BREEAM rating.

Drainage for the front entrance

Stainless steel channels at the door facade of St Giles building

Bespoke stainless steel channels with stainless steel longitudinally mesh heelsafe gratings were installed and individually adapted to the radii of the revolving doors.

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