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Surface water treatment solution for Fisherman’s Quay

Fisherman’s quay was conceived to give the local fishing fleet a permanent base. Over the last few years, the fishermen have worked to raise money to develop a proper store, offices, fish preparation area and a retail shop. The site is adjacent to Sovereign Harbour Marina, the largest man-made harbour in the world surrounded by several housing developments and a commercial/retail centre.

Product Load Class
120 m of DRAINFIX CLEAN F 900
25 m of RECYFIX NC E 600


Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Filtration of pollutants was top priority

DRAINFIX CLEAN being installed with filter subsrate at Fishermans Quay

The site was split into two phases, but the design of the surface water was considered as one element covering both stages. During the planning process, it was identified by the local authority that the design included some form of treatment of the surface water on-site to ensure no polluted water could be washed into the harbour or eventually the sea. This meant surface treatment became a planning requirement. It was to be assured that no surface water could be allowed to just wash over the quay wall into the sea and that any water released must be cleaned prior to discharge.

Challanges of the project

The challenge was a site that sloped down to the quay wall, a very high-water table, and a requirement to treat any surface water.

Good relations: key for communcation

The Contractor, Sunninghill Construction Ltd and The design Engineers SWP (Steven Wilson Partnership) had previously worked with HAURATON. An initial site meeting was arranged prior to construction to look at how the challenges could be overcome.

Finalised drainage solution of the project

Close up of DRANFIX CLEAN at Fishermans Quay

HAURATON started to work on a proposal with Sunninghill Construction and SWP that would allow cleansing of the discharge, whilst working to very shallow depths given the high-water table. The proposal was for the use of DRAINFIX CLEAN.

With the system being installed on the quayside to capture any surface water run off under the required storm conditions, it would then treat the surface water. After some initial discussion and further site meetings, DRAINFIX CLEAN was chosen as a solution that met all the planning requirements.


Product illustration of DRAINFIX CLEAN

DRAINFIX CLEAN has the unique ability to collect, filtrate and drain surface water before it is discharged into sewer networks or other natural watercourses.


  • CARBOTEC 60 filter substrate: high carbonate content and good binding of dissolved heavy metals and retention of ultra-fine particles (0.006 to 0.060 mm).

  • Long maintenance intervals: first inspection after 10 years (depending on local conditions) with only the filter cake needing to be removed/refilled with the substrate.

  • Efficient treatment: TSS (total suspended solids) 99.5%, TPH (total petrol hydrocarbons) 99.9%, 99.8% zinc and copper.

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