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Multiple drainage solutions for historical Fox Valley Shopping Park

Fox Valley was a redevelopment project to convert a former 28-acre steelworks site into a new retail park. The £50 million project delivered by Dransfield Properties Ltd had been carefully designed to reflect the area’s rich industrial heritage.

The Fox Valley Shopping Park has open public spaces, stores, restaurants, coffee shops and a large car park with over 500 spaces.

Product Load Class
900 m of RECYFIX NC E 600


Stocksbridge, Sheffield

Key considerations helped determine the right drainage systems

Main contractors H Boot construction worked closely with HAURATON to choose a range of surface drainage systems for Fox Valley Shopping Park.

When specifying the drainage systems for the car park and public terrazzo area, HAURATON had to take into account four key elements:


The channel systems had to fit aesthetically within the sensitive design requirements of the project.

Rigorous demands:

The car park drainage system had to be able to cope with a high volume of traffic, climate changes, loads and forces and also consider pedestrian safety.

Extensive surfaces:

The drainage systems needed to effectively drain the large surface areas.


To meet Fox Valley’s green credentials, the channel had to be manufactured from recycled composite.


Car park drainage system at Fox Valley

RECYFIX NC drainage system installed at Fox Valley

As the car park at Fox Valley would be frequently trafficked by a variety of different vehicles, RECYFIX NC was specified because of its durability. The locking system gives enormous stability to the channel system in the areas of frequently turning traffic.

It has a 10 mm heelsafe ductile iron E 600 grating and is secured to the channel with 8 bolts per metre.

Drainage systems for the public terrazzo area

Public water fountain

SLOTTED CHANNEL installed within perimeter of the fountain at Fox Valley

The SLOTTED CHANNEL was used around the perimeter of the decorative fountain. It drains any surface water from heavy rainfall and acts as a secondary system to capture any excess water from the water feature.

The grating around the fountain was supplied in stainless steel to provide resistance to chemicals used in recycled water. The grating has a discrete slotted top and offers a discreet design.

Paved terrazzo surfaces

RECYFIX STANDARD with a B 125 stainless steel mesh grating was chosen to drain the paved terrazzo surfaces. The 30 x 11 mm mesh size allows the maximum intake of surface water and gives an aesthetic finish which correlates with the surrounding public space.

”The RECYFIX products were chosen due to their durability, sustainability, ease of handling and their range of gratings and loading options for the project.”

Car park at Fox Valley: RECYFIX NC

Product image of RECYFIX NC
  • Channel body made from 100% recycled composite for high impact and corrosion resistance

  • Pre-assembled, lightweight units for quick and easy installation

  • Suitable for load class up to E 600

  • Torsion-free ribs and concrete anchors for additional structural integrity

Perimeter of the fountain: RECYFIX SLOTTED CHANNELS

Product image of SLOTTED CHANNEL
  • Discreet slot detail complements contemporary features in modern buildings and landscape design

  • Narrow heelsafe slot design with non-removable parts guarantees a safe surface environment for pedestrians

  • High intake capacity and a maximum interception along the channel length for efficient surface water drainage

  • Channel body is made from robust 100% recycled composite

Paved terrazzo area: RECYFIX STANDARD

Product image of RECYFIX STANDARD
  • Channel body made from 100 % recycled composite

  • High resistance against frost, de-icing salts and UV radiation

  • Design flexibility with a range of grating options available

  • Easy transport and installation

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