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Heavy-duty Drainage for Lucy Zodion Industrial Unit

For over 60 years, Lucy Zodion has been developing street lighting control solutions. They provide industry-leading outdoor lighting solutions; from intelligent street lighting control to power distribution for entire lighting networks. Lucy Zodion’s next generation solutions harness IoT technology to ensure cities are more liveable and manageable in the future.

Lucy Zodion industrial unit required efficient and heavy-duty surface drainage for the large external service area at their main central distribution centre.

Product Load Class
150 m of FASERFIX SUPER F 900
70 m of RECYFIX NC E 600


Yorkshire, Sowerby Bridge

Heavily trafficked surface requires specifically strong drainage

The large external surface area at Lucy Zodion’s industrial unit would be constantly trafficked by heavy loads and lateral forces from transportation lorries and forklifts. The vehicles would repeatedly manoeuvre on the grating, therefore a secure locking system was required. In order to meet the demands of the surface area, FASERFIX SUPER provided a secure, durable and robust solution.

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FASERFIX SUPER provided an ideal system for Lucy Zodion’s external surface yard as it was manufactured to endure extreme heavy loads. The channel provides maximum lateral stability with extra-thick sidewalls and can resist load-bearing vehicles up to an F 900 loading class.

FASERFIX SUPER: for extremely heavy loads

Product image of FASERFIX SUPER

FASERFIX SUPER fibre-reinforced concrete channels with a load rating up to F 900 brought the following benefits to the project:

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete provides a lighter but stronger concrete material for channel bodies

  • Maximum lateral stability compared with many competitors’ products through extra-thick 45mm sidewalls

  • Excellent durability against loadings with longitudinal, traverse and rotational pressures

  • Extra locking security with the SIDE-LOCK 8-point per metre clip-in system. With the traditional bolts, this gives a unique 16-point per metre locking system

  • Heavy-duty gratings in spheroidal ductile iron for system strength and durability

  • Extreme stable connection between angle housing and channel body through reinforcement bars

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RECYFIX NC: front of roller shutters

RECYFIX NC installed in front of Lucy Zodion industrial unit

To prevent water ingress from excessive rainfall entering the warehouse unit, channel drainage was required for the front of the roller shutters.

The surface area would mainly be trafficked by forklifts manoeuvring stock from the internal surface area to the service yard. The channel drainage system RECYFIX NC was installed as it can cope with heavy-duty traffic and lateral forces up to an E 600 loading class.

RECYFIX NC: heavy-duty drainage made of recycled composite

Product image of RECYFIX NC

RECYFIX NC brought the following benefits to the project:

  • Pre-assembled, lightweight and compact channel units for quick and easy installation on-site

  • Channel body in modified Polypropylene (PP) composite for high impact/corrosion resistance

  • Composite edge-frame formed as an integral part of the channel body structure, for enhanced rigidity and aesthetics

  • Heavy-duty gratings in spheroidal ductile iron for system strength and durability

  • Gratings mechanically fixed to edge-frame housing (8 steel bolts M8 x 30 per metre) for enhanced security and performance

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