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Drainage Systems for Silverstone Wing Complex

Silverstone is renowned for being one of the UK’s most loved racing venues. The greatest motor sporting events are held at Silverstone, including Formula 1 and MotoGP. To bring Silverstone up to the latest Grand Prix standards, they underwent a redevelopment of a new pit building. Now it is famously known as the Silverstone Wing, due to the evident roof line structure which evokes movement and speed. Around £35 million was spent over the duration of the project to ensure the highest quality standards. Therefore, safe and reliable drainage solutions were required to withhold the same quality values.

Product Load Class
894 m of RECYFIX HICAP F 900
500 m of FASERFIX KS C 250


Towcester, Northamptonshire

Safe precision work within short time

The development of the Silverstone Wing Complex had a construction plan of 54 weeks. The structural components would incorporate a new pit lane, paddock area and garages. Moreover, it would serve as a hospitality space for V.I.P. spectators and include a 4000 m² exhibition space.

Since the main architectural components had taken most of the work, there was a race against time to have the drainage channels installed. Subsequently, a racing event was just around the corner and the foundations needed to be finalised in advance. The channel solution supplied had to have the benefit of a quick installation. Thanks to the close cooperation of all those involved in the project, the installation was completed on time and accurately despite the tight schedule.

”We are pleased that the Silverstone Wing project has been a success and delighted to have contributed to its rapid progress. The main contractor reported all our products were easy to install and no on-site breakages occurred.”

Safe cable management for Silverstone

SERVICE CHANNEL for cable management at Silverstone

Hosting national and international motorsport events essentially requires a lot of cabling and wires. Clearly, motorsport crew mechanical machinery and multi-media communication required safe cable management. Therefore, a discrete drainage channel which could layer cabling but also remove surface water was required to ensure optimal public safety.

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HAURATON’s support makes a difference     

Throughout the Silverstone development, HAURATON’s project team were on site to make sure operations were running smoothly with the drainage design. HAURATON were able to give contractors and engineers involved in the project the reassurance that our channels would comply with the performance criteria in terms of operational safety, materials, handling and longevity.

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Easy to reach the finish line with HAURATON’s drainage solutions

HAURATON were able to reassure the project’s engineers and contractors that the drainage solutions would meet their highest safety standards. This was due to the product solutions, already providing high excellence for safety and stability within another motorsport project.

Three of HAURATON’s products were installed for different application areas of Silverstone’s Wing complex.


Product image of RECYFIX HICAP

RECYFIX HICAP channels were installed within the paddock area behind the pit building. These are designated zones for the motorsport team’s entourage. Therefore, the surfaces would be exposed to racing vehicles, transporters, motor homes as well as spectators and motorsport crew. RECYFIX HICAP is highly resistant to the impact of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) thanks to the F 900 loading class and the ductile iron tops.


  • Superior hydraulic performance: captures surface water run-off from large areas

  • Flexibility in road surface design and installation: reduces the number of channel runs required to drain a given area

  • Easy installation and maintenance: recycled composite made from lightweight material


Product image of FASERFIX KS

FASERFIX KS channels with E 600 ductile iron heelsafe gratings were installed within the pit lane area. As these surfaces are mainly pedestrianised and also used by racing vehicles, FASERFIX KS offers maximum lateral stability. It is a reliable and efficient drainage solution that can withstand rigorous movements of public areas.

  • Fibre-reinforced concrete: extremely durable and robust

  • Time saving and cost effective: installation and maintenance

  • Numerous grating options: complementing the surrounding architecture


Product image of SERVICE CHANNEL

The FASERFIX SERVICE CHANNEL was installed outside the garage areas, which ensured cables were securely laid without being a trip hazard. Furthermore, the channel features a SIDE-LOCK locking system which allows covers to quickly be removed and re-fitted easily during or after an event.

  • Corrosion free: resistance to oil substances

  • Manufactured from fibre-reinforced concrete: offering maximum stability

  • 90%-time savings: the SIDE-LOCK system speeds up the process of continually installing and removing cables

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