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Drainage solution for Skypark Exeter Business Park

The new Skypark Exeter Business Park is located near the International Airport in Devon. The project for the Business Park is in conjunction with St. Modwen, the UK’s leading redevelopment specialist as well as the local authority for the area, Devon County Council. After a step-by-step development, the area should cover 130,200 m². The large offices and industrial and distribution buildings required sufficient parking spaces for visitors and employees. The parking space drainage needed to be robust enough to withstand the frequency of traffic and meet pedestrian safety. Therefore, the car park has been equipped with RECYFIX MONOTEC drainage systems.

Product Load Class
326 m of RECYFIX MONOTEC D 400


Exeter, Devon

High retention volume with the monolithic drainage channel

Four important aspects had to be considered for Skypark’s car park drainage system: sustainability, high hydraulic capacity, security and durability.

1. Sustainability

Devon County Council is committed to managing the environmental impacts of its operations and reducing its carbon footprint. Therefore, they wanted to abide by their values and required an environmentally friendly drainage system.

2. Large areas require high hydraulic power

Extensive parking area of Skypark Exeter

The asphalt parking areas at Skypark Business Centre cover a vast surface area. To safely drain two large parking areas, 326 metres of RECYFIX MONOTEC drainage channels were installed.

This monolithic system has an extremely high hydraulic capacity of 7,717 litres in total (23.6 litres / metre).

3. Security for all visitors and employees

Parking with car in Skypark Exeter

This one-metre long channel consists of a slim body and grating in our FIBRETEC design. It is securely welded together to form a monolithic system. RECYFIX MONOTEC is particularly secure against vandalism and prevents personal injury due to the heelsafe grating. Especially within the retail and commercial sector, heelsafe gratings are an essential asset.

4. Stability and durability

Corner connection of RECYFIX MONOTEC at Skypark Exeter Business Park

In highly trafficked areas, the drainage systems must be strong and stable to work effectively over a long period of time. In addition, it must also be resistant to frost as well as thawing and road salt.

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Easy to achieve a radial curve with RECYFIX MONOTEC

Radial curve of RECYFIX MONOTEC at Skypark Exeter Business Park

A radial drainage channel was specified to capture any surface water runoff from the high point of the car park. As the RECYFIX MONOTEC unit is simple to cut, it was easy to offset the channels to create a curve. Therefore, the drainage channel was able to follow the line of the paving.

“The tongue and groove features on the channels provided easy assembly of the moulded components and facilitated the alignment of the channel run. Therefore, this reduced installation time for the groundwork contractor”.


Impresses with hydraulic performance and stability

Product image of RECYFIX MONOTEC

In addition to a quick and easy installation, which complies with ‘one-man lift’ legislation, the RECYFIX MONOTEC drainage system also has the following advantages:

  • Enormous hydraulic performance: RECYFIX MONOTEC range of channels have an immense capacity. They can be used for large retention despite their slim design

  • Eco-friendly: recycled composite body is manufactured from 100% recycled material

  • Security: vandal-proof

  • Unbreakable: elastic and particularly resistant material (PP) withstands daily traffic loads and temperature differences

  • High resistance: resistant to frost, de-icing salt, UV radiation, chemicals and is corrosion-free

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