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Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials

HAURATON have been manufacturing drainage channels for over 65 years. During this time the product range has evolved from what was once concrete channels with synthetic fibers, to now a reinvented fiber-reinforced FASERFIX and a lightweight RECYFIX recycled composite channel.

Eco-friendly materials

The material composition used in manufacturing our products has shifted, as we have adapted new ways to lower our carbon footprint. Our solutions have been developed with the future in mind and greater consideration for the natural environment.


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Find out more about our RECYFIX channel material

RECYFIX Granulate

Recycled material – Polypropylene

From small polypropylene granulate to long-lasting channels.

The RECYFIX channel body is produced from a variety of post-consumer polypropylene products, such as disposable bottles. In this way, valuable resources such as crude oil are conserved and the amount of waste is reduced for the benefit of the environment. RECYFIX channels are also PVC-free and can be fully recycled following lifetime use.

They provide a lightweight alternative that’s both easy to install and hard-wearing. RECYFIX has exceptional strength and durability as it can withstand dynamic forces and high traffic loads up to an F 900 load class.

We’ve calculated..

PP Bottles

Based on weight, we have calculated the number of equivalent post-consumer polypropylene plastic 0.5L bottles per RECYFIX channel body across three of our RECYFIX products.

See our findings below:

  • RECYFIX STANDARD = 45 Bottles

  • RECYFIX PLUS = 45 Bottles

  • RECYFIX PRO = 50 Bottles

Find out more about our FASERFIX channel material

Fibre di basalto

Renewable raw material – Basalt

Our FASERFIX channels are reinforced with basalt fibers. Basalt has many qualities such as flexibility, durability and resilience and it is a purely natural product.

What makes basalt so unique, is it’s origin. It was once part of molten lava rock formed after a volcano erupted. From 40Km below the surface with a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. As it cooled, the magma solidified into basalt rock. For this reason, basalt fibers cope well with tension and pressure, heat and cold.

Our FASERFIX drainage channels are designed to withstand heavy traffic, weathering and chemicals. Reinforced with basalt fibers, they are recyclable, resistant, fireproof and of course, sustainable.

Find out more about FASERFIX history

Our tree pledge

Tree pledge

As part of our long-standing commitment towards a sustainable future, we’ve joined forces with Ecologi to support reforestation projects around the world by pledging to plant 10,000 trees by 2025.

Once fully grown, a typical tree can absorb around 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. Over a lifetime of 100 years, one tree can absorb around a tonne of CO2. That’s 10,000 tonnes of carbon absorption over the next century as a result of our Planet Pledge!

Ecologi supports various reforestation initiatives worldwide, with recent projects in Cambodia, Brazil and Colombia.

You can follow the journey via our dedicated Ecologi page which documents our progress towards this goal:

Hauraton Ltd | Ecologi

Discover sustainable systems

HAURATON’s product range comprises of two key ranges; RECYFIX and FASERFIX channels. Each channel is available in a variety of sizes and with a choice of gratings and accessories. The strength of both ranges is the numerous applications that are covered with our high quality and load tested products. To find the most suitable solution for your next project, explore the range below.

RECYFIX products

FASERFIX products

HAURATON expertise

HAURATON’s team of experts will be happy to support you on your next project. They can also help you with the hydraulic performance calculation, installation details, through to project completion. Get in touch to speak to an expert.

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