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High-capacity drainage solution for Southampton Port

Located on the south coast of England, Southampton Port is one of the country’s leading cruise line terminals and vehicle handling ports. It is also home to the second-largest container terminal in the UK, handling over 1.5 million 20-foot containers each year.

With cargo ships increasing in size, Southampton Port underwent a multi-million pound redevelopment to deepen and combine container berths 201 and 202. The new berth (SCT5) will be an impressive 550m long and 16m deep, enhancing the container ports capability to handle the largest container ships from around the world.

Product Load Class
1000 m of RECYFIX HICAP F 680 F 900


Southampton, Hampshire
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Drainage requirements considered for Southampton Port


Withstand load-bearing vehicles

During daily operations at Southampton Port, the concrete surfaces would continuously be trafficked by numerous vehicles, such as gantry cranes. These alone can have a loading capacity of 100 tonnes.

The drainage channel would need to have the ability to cope with such extreme loads and turning mechanisms from vehicles.

High-capacity for an extensive surface area

Accounting for the size of the berth’s surface area, Southampton Port required a drainage solution that effectively drains a large catchment area.

By using accurate hydraulic calculations, and accounting for extreme weather conditions, the correct hydraulic capacity and channel sizing could be specified for the surface area.

Quick installation

The client requested that the network of underground drainage was set to a minimum to save on additional work and cost of pipework/manholes.

”We made sure we met the client’s expectations in terms of providing a drainage solution that would cope with excessive loads over a long period of time.”

Advantages of HAURATON products and services

As Southampton Port is a critical link to the global trade supply chain, ensuring effective removal of surface water is key to keeping operations running.

HAURATON ensured:


Southampton Port drainage solution

  • Resists load-bearing forces: built for security against immense loads and dynamic forces up to F 900 load class

  • High hydraulic capacity: effectively drains large surface areas

  • Environmentally friendly: channel body made from 100% recycled composite

  • Uniform appearance: slot-drain inlet with high-quality ductile iron

  • Quick installation: innovative Link & Lock grating connection for easy and quick straight channel alignment and reduced pipework

  • Time-saving: easy to handle on-site (complies with one-man-lift)

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