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Captures and retains microplastics from artificial sports pitches.


Your benefits with SPORTFIX CLEAN

The award-winning and innovative SPORTFIX CLEAN filtration system effectively captures and retains microplastics such as SBR rubber, EPDM granulate (infill material) and synthetic grass fibres from artificial sports pitches. The channel body made of 100% recycled composite filled with CARBOTEC 60 filter substrate can reliably retain the smallest of plastic particles down to 0.45 µm.

Installed around the perimeter of the playing field, the system collects surface water along with microplastics transported by run-off, wind or broken off during play. The infill material and synthetic fibres are prevented from entering sewer networks or other watercourses, minimising the risk of plastic pollution within the environment.

  • Linear drainage and surface filtration in one system
  • Easily installed into new pitches or retrofitted into existing
  • Suitable for football, rugby and hockey pitches or school and leisure facilities with artificial turf
  • Continuous retention of microplastics: effectively prevents the discharge of rubber granules and synthetic grass fibres
  • Long maintenance intervals: filter substrate renewed every 3-5 years
  • Awarded the Environmental Technology Prize 2019
  • Proven cleaning performance of over 98%

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Other SPORTFIX CLEAN products

SPORTFIX CLEAN particle trap

Rubber granules or synthetic grass fibres can get caught on athletes’ shoes or clothing. The SPORTFIX CLEAN particle trap element was specially developed to be installed at the players’ exit to collect microplastic deposits when players leave the field.


When clearing snow from artificial sports pitches, there can be a significant amount of microplastic discharge. To prevent microplastics from entering the sewerage or watercourses, the SPORTFIX CLEAN snow trap element drains melting snow while capturing rubber granules and broken blades of grass. 

How the SPORTFIX range can be utilised within an artificial sports field

Environmental Technology Award for SPORTFIX CLEAN

HAURATON was awarded the Environmental Technology Award in 2019 for the SPORTFIX CLEAN filter channel in the Emission Reduction, Treatment and Separation category.

Managing Director of HAURATON Marcus Reuter states “As a specialist in drainage systems, it is important to us to contribute to a clean environment and to be committed to research and development. The award makes us extremely happy and spurs us on to pursue further ideas for new environmental technologies”.



    References with SPORTFIX CLEAN

    Discover how SPORTFIX CLEAN has been utilised as a safe and reliable linear drainage and filtration system for sports projects with artificial turf.

    SPORTFIX CLEAN installed at Creasy Park Community Football Centre

    SPORTFIX CLEAN installed at Creasey Park Football pitch


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